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Sudden aggression towards some dogs

Posted: 02 Oct 2017, 20:22
by Woobie
Woody is 15 months now and has grown in to a beautiful, confident and (usually) extremely friendly boy. He is quite large (about 26kg I think) but not massive compared to some Doodles.
He's doing ok with training ( but obviously has his 'deaf' moments) and everyone in the neighbourhood knows him and are very happy with him when we go to the park and for walks. In fact they usually comment about how well behaved and wonderfully friendly & gentle he is. He's always been let off the lead at the park or along our coastal walks etc and has never been aggressive to people or other dogs. ( In fact I would even go on to say if anything he can sometimes be a little bit of a scaredy cat....especially with small dogs that yap at him.)

This last week however, when over at the park for his evening 'doggy playtime' ( several dogs all go for playing) he has 'had a go' a a few dogs to the point of me having to shout at him to distract him & then take him away. Then this evening in the empty park (all but for one Springer) he made a very fast dash for this Springer (who we did not know) & when I got to them he chased it and was really quite aggressive towards him!
I could tell it was aggression as Woody has a black Lab friend that he's really close to and they play really quite rough and it was not similar at all.

I had to get hold of woody and make him sit then lay down as the springer was clearly frightened. When it dared to close again Woody started to growl straight away. I was so shocked (& felt pretty mortified as it seems so out of character.)

There are just 2 things that I can think of that may be contributory factors:
1) About a week ago a HUGE Rottweiler leaped several dogs to get to Woody to have a go at him and clearly scared him. (& I'm fine with Rotties usually having had one in the family years ago.)

2) Woody is entire, is it usual at this age to start getting a bit overly dominant?

I would really welcome any comments / thoughts and advice on how is best to deal with this before it becomes a problem.

Thanks (& sorry it's such a long one.)

Re: Sudden aggression towards some dogs

Posted: 02 Oct 2017, 21:13
by Sarahdol75
Harley is a bit like this, he is really good with most dogs, apart from springers, not sure what it is but he really doesnt like them.

We have a few by us and I always have to put him back on the lead when I see them, as the first thing he does, is dart off and bark and chase them.

Really dont know why he does it, as they have never been nasty to him but he just doesnt like them.

Re: Sudden aggression towards some dogs

Posted: 03 Oct 2017, 06:04
by Woobie
Funny but I've heard a few times about Doodles not being keen on Springers. Unfortunately, though it was a Springer last night, the day before it was a little bitsa and a couple of days before that a bulldog.

Re: Sudden aggression towards some dogs

Posted: 04 Oct 2017, 05:25
by Doodle Dee
My Lulu hates boxers and springers. No idea why. Ihave no suggestions because even if you k ow you can’t change anything. I just put her on the lead and talk to her as we go by. I have tried for a long time, this seems to work. You’re lucky he comes back to you. Lulu wouldn’t but normally she is extremely well behaved

Re: Sudden aggression towards some dogs

Posted: 07 Oct 2017, 18:05
by Bid
DO you know if the other dogs were male/female/neutered/unneutered?

Re: Sudden aggression towards some dogs

Posted: 11 Oct 2017, 05:28
by Woobie
Hi, sorry for the delayed response. I have found out that the Springer is about the same age & also entire (which, as daft as it may seem, I didn't realise at the time), :oops: so that probably explains that one. ( I assume it was a dominance thing.)
One of the others was a neutered dog.
He seems to have calmed a bit the last few days, so maybe it was following the 'scare' from the Rottie?

Re: Sudden aggression towards some dogs

Posted: 23 Oct 2017, 10:04
by jonb
Not getting territorial at all are they? We've started noticing that Roker is getting a bit feisty on our street on the lead but away from there he is fine. Only happens with 2 or 3 dogs that if we see them on the street or through the garden fence he is barking and growling but put the same dogs on the field not on leads they play happy as larry with each other or dont go within 20yds of each other. There are quite a lot of dogs on our street which is a dead end that we are near the junction out off so i think most of the dogs on the street will mark their scent on our grass verge so they are all getting a good sniff of each other and getting a bit feisty over it all.