How to "untrain" a dog?

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How to "untrain" a dog?

Post by Milo17 » 04 Apr 2018, 09:30


Milo has learnt that I don't like him to sit and bark in the garden (good) but has started to use use that to get a biscuit (bad). We live on the side of a hill and he hears dogs barking across the valley and his barking was originally him answering them. Then he started barking at birds, and cars driving down the road. My issue is I don't want him to disturb neighbours, but I now see I was wrong to entice him inside the house once with a biscuit. He has remembered, and now when in a bouncy mood (which is most of the time) he won't stop barking or come inside without one. And he is very determined.

He won't come in from the garden if I call him, although his recall on a walk is usually good. If I close the door on him leaving him in the garden in the hope he will feel he is on a naughty step and relent, he just sits outside barking and can keep that up for ages. If I then open the door he sits watching me until I get close then hops away. Until I get a biscuit out, at which point he will come inside for it.

I need to "untrain" him on this barking and biscuits issue - can anyone advise?

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Re: How to "untrain" a dog?

Post by kathiedoodle » 08 Apr 2018, 08:23

Hi Milo, you must have been talking to Holly. She successfully "trained" us to reward the barking and bringing in of small stones from the garden with a Bonio, the only way to get her in and retrieve the stone, she is good at recall and most commands but this shows a degree of cunning and intelligence, she can train Hoomans, we now get her in by offering a bonio but when in, she does not get it straight away. I faff around the kitchen for a while then give several commands, sit, down, stand, sit and so on with enthusiastic pats, I am hoping by then she will not associate the reward is for the barking and the stone. I am too honest not to give the promise of bonio but the separation of unwanted behaviour and reward seems to be working. Not so many stones arriving. Or is it the garden is stone free?

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Re: How to "untrain" a dog?

Post by Bid » 10 Apr 2018, 23:49

You can start to use a variable treat regime - always reward with praise, but only treat every second, or third or fourth time. Keep your dog guessing, and the theory is they will start trying even harder as they try to figure out what they have to do to get the treat. :D
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