Lurning curves....?

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Lurning curves....?

Post by Milo17 » 19 May 2018, 17:11


My 18 month old is always looking around the house for interesting "things". Today Milo found a yellow finger that had been cut off my washing-up gloves. While I wash up this happens sometimes but I don't know how so I can't predict it. Anyway, next I knew I saw a flash of yellow in his mouth as he ran down the garden. I worried it would hurt him if he swallowed it so I used the "leave it" command and gave him a biscuit.

All good.

But literally 5 seconds later he was looking around for more gloves. What he found were my gardening gloves that he had never taken before, and he grabbed one and wiggled it in front of me. Then he scootled down the garden with it.

I could only get the glove back with a "Leave it" and a biscuit.

He seemed to have learnt in less than a minute that gloves are a premium item. I have now stored all my gloves at a height of over 6 feet or in boxes.

I would love to know more about other lab-doodles, and how fast they learn.

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Re: Lurning curves....?

Post by tynkerbelluk » 20 May 2018, 11:33

Hi milo17,
It's incredible how fast they learn something new and virtually impossible to stay one step ahead of them. Archie outwits me time after time but I try to give him a run for his money. The one trick he sussed at a very early age and I am still trying to fix is the 'I know I can get you to give me my ball trick'. He is totally ball obsessed :roll: When he was a puppy we were walking in the woods and I got fed up with him constantly losing the tennis balls. I took it away and so he picked up a stick. No problem. Then one time he started munching the stick to pieces then spent the next five minutes treating me to a performance of coughing, spluttering and 'look mum I'm choking and it's all your fault'. Having retrieved all the splinters of wood from his mouth and being surrounded by sticks what other option was there but to bung said mouth with. Yes you've guessed it - precious ball. Smug dog now thinking 'so thats all it takes'.
Eight years later if I put the ball away whilst out walking he will search frantically for the nearest stick then stand in front of me with a look on his face tauntingly saying 'now you know what's going to happen if you don't give it back don't you' :evil:
They're just to darned clever for us!
Sharron and Archie


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Re: Lurning curves....?

Post by kathiedoodle » 20 May 2018, 12:22

You know it Milo, we have been there and got an award for smug doodle antics. I found a stone one, I got a large piece of chip bark in my mouth I will shred on your carpet one, I will drop it for a biscuit!! Now it' s you are in MY seat, the paws have now become the way to get what it wants. Big paw on knee, "move" or "time to go out" no! Paw again " time to go out" no! Big paw with "eearrrh" sound and head sideways, ok walkies. Gone straight to lead and waiting, no, got to make loo stop upstairs followed by Bigfoot, have to close door otherwise Bigfoot comes in and stares. Take too long and Bigfoot paw scrapes the door, ok I'm coming. Don't you just luv 'em. She also talks a lot now, no not bark ( although she does plenty at the squirrels) actually tries to talk different sounds for different things. We only have to be intelligent enough to know the language.
You have years ahead

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