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Harley has had a stroke

Posted: 19 Jun 2018, 22:52
by Sarahdol75
Yesterday Harley suffered a spinal stroke, he is at present in a specialist vet hospital.

He was at a friends house as I was taking my husband to hospital for an operation. I got back to her house at 9.05 and by 9.15 his back leg was dragging and his front was facing the wrong way aswell.

rushed him to the vets, he was put on pain relief and xrays and bloods were taken. I was told to go home and wait, I got a phonecall 2 hours later, to say they were stuggling to find out what was wrong he needed a CT and MRI scan so I collected him and took him to the next vet hospital which is where he had said scans. Told again to go home and wait, few hours later, called to say a piece of cartilage had dislodged from spine and had travelled to his blood supply which causes it to sit on a nerve so he got no feeling in legs.

I have seen him tonight, and he looks no better than yesterday but vets are convinced he will make a full recovery.

Please keep your fingers and everything crossed for him.

Harley is only 4, hes my baby.


Re: Harley has had a stroke

Posted: 19 Jun 2018, 23:05
by Masil
Hi Sarah. Poor Harley - what a horrible shock for you. I am keeping everything crossed for a speedy and full recovery for Harley xx

Re: Harley has had a stroke

Posted: 20 Jun 2018, 00:15
by Pollydoodle
Aww, poor boy, how scary, sending hugs to you Sarah and a ton of good vibes for Harley to make a very good recovery.

Re: Harley has had a stroke

Posted: 20 Jun 2018, 00:44
by kobi&jazz
Sending healing vibes to Harley and big hugs to you. Lets hope the morning has good news xxx

Re: Harley has had a stroke

Posted: 20 Jun 2018, 12:19
by linny
:( My thoughts are with you and Harley and we are sending healing thoughts your way....we have everything crossed for his recovery.
We had a Border terrier who suffered a massive stroke at twelve and we feared the worst....but with medication and physio he did recover and went on to live 19 years.
Please do keep us updated. BIG HUGS!.

Re: Harley has had a stroke

Posted: 20 Jun 2018, 17:41
by WendyJ
Oh, poor Harley :( hugs and licks from us all and fingers crossed for a great outcome.

Re: Harley has had a stroke

Posted: 20 Jun 2018, 21:52
by kathiedoodle
Big hugs from Holly and me, it must have been such a shock as you say he is so young. Keep us posted and hope to hear some welcome news soon xxx kathie and Holly

Re: Harley has had a stroke

Posted: 21 Jun 2018, 13:02
by Sarahdol75
Harley is coming home this afternoon.

Vets are happy he is going to make a full recovery but its going to be a long hard road.

He cant get up on his own yet, they said that will be about another week. So I am going to have to harness him and lift him to standing.

His back leg is still dragging but not going under his body so much, his front leg is stronger, but he doesnt want to walk on it as, he has a bandage and a drip hanging from it, and its alien and he thinks hes broken it :lol: :lol: :lol:

He can hold his own weight on his legs when standing for a few seconds, then starts to lean, so you just have to support him.

The only problem I am going to have is getting him to the toilet, he has never done his business on the lead or in the garden, has always been private and run off to the other end of the field in the longest grass possible, so this is going to be a challenge. Harley has not done anything since Monday morning.

Vets are not concerned and said he will do in when he is desperate.

Seeing physio with him when I collect at 3.30 this afternoon.


Re: Harley has had a stroke

Posted: 21 Jun 2018, 14:24
by kathiedoodle
Oh Sarah, Harley is nearly home poor wounded soldier. It is going to be hard but with your love he is in the best place-home. Perhaps a large square of turf on a tray? in a quiet area of kitchen might tempt him to a wee.
If only we could help them understand what has happened but having mum around to cuddle will give him some comfort. Is he eating?
My friend has a fab little Jack Russell 12 years old and has just found out the cough he has had sometime is a tumour on the lung, some difficult decisions to make soon I fear. Oh how we love them and what heartache we have at times.
Keep positive and hugs to Harley.
In all the turmoil forgot to say hope OH ok and you ok after one hell of a day.

Re: Harley has had a stroke

Posted: 22 Jun 2018, 09:40
by linny
:D oh great news!....recovery is quite slow but I'm sure he will get there
I used to do physio with Snu every hour just for ten minutes at a time for the first two weeks ...then two or three times a day for around six weeks.
He had a full recovery apart from a slight tilt to his head.
Do keep us posted on Harley's recovery and give him a hug from me.

Re: Harley has had a stroke

Posted: 22 Jun 2018, 12:22
by susiet
So glad Harley will be home soon. Wishing him a good recovery over the next few weeks. Sending lots of healing hugs and licks from me and Flo and Ruby. xxxxx

Re: Harley has had a stroke

Posted: 22 Jun 2018, 13:05
by tynkerbelluk
what a dreadfully worrying time for you Sarah. So glad he's home and the prognosis is a good one though. Reading Linny's post was very encouraging too. My Archie like Harley also likes to poo at a distance and not in his garden too but when they really need to go you'd be surprised how quickly they get used to it. Sending lots of healing thoughts for Harley and Hubby's recovery and don't forget to look after yourself too, you're going to need your stamina.

Re: Harley has had a stroke

Posted: 22 Jun 2018, 23:32
by Doodle Dee
Keep us updated. So pleased he will make a good recovery

Re: Harley has had a stroke

Posted: 23 Jun 2018, 20:55
by stout
Just catching up. So sorry to hear Harley has been in the wars, but glad to hear he is on the road to recovery. Keep us updated. Big hugs from us and Stout sends Harley healing licks

Re: Harley has had a stroke

Posted: 25 Jun 2018, 21:23
by Sarahdol75

Harley is doing well, its only been a week, and Harley is up on his feet.

Very wobbly, but determined boy, his front leg is still nobbly and bending backwards the back leg is a lot stronger.

He has done a poo last night :lol: first in a week, its like having a toddler, so excited when he done it. He is very private boy usually only does it in long grass furthest away from you.

My friend is a physio came over and done some work with him yesterday, I stood over the other side of the garden with a bonio, and he galloped across, like a big lumox :lol: :lol: all legs :lol: :lol:

Fingers crossed day at a time, but he is doing well.

I wonder if I can get videos on here. Will have a play