Labraddodles on allotments..?

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Labraddodles on allotments..?

Post by Milo17 » 23 Dec 2018, 15:53

Hi everyone,

After literally years of waiting I've got an allotment which I am very pleased about. But I also have a very bouncy labradoodle who I don't want to leave at home. Has anyone one else taken their doodle along while they are gardening? Any advice? I was thinking of getting a running tether so Milo can scamper up and down, but should I get him a little kennel to snooze in too? I can't afford to spend too much on this, so thanks for any ideas.


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Re: Labraddodles on allotments..?

Post by Pollydoodle » 24 Dec 2018, 02:44

Congrats on the allotment, nothing like eating what you’ve managed to grow. Have you got you onions ready to sow in next few days :wink:

Have you checked you’re allowed to take your dood onto the allotment as I imagine some would have a fit.
If Milo is anything like mine he’ll help you dig! As long as he has shelter from the heat (remember that!) I wouldn’t bother with a kennel. At most, I’d use old one or buy piece of proper vetbed as that is good against seeping cold, I believe.

Happy planning out yr allotment
Merry Christmas!

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Re: Labraddodles on allotments..?

Post by kathiedoodle » 27 Dec 2018, 10:42

Well done on the allotment, before we moved we had one, it was the one thing TOH really misses, although he has a good veg garden at home now. The allotments near us have 15 year waiting list!!
As for taking any type of dog, most allotments have a no dog policy, so hope yours is dog friendly. We used to take Holly to ours but only allowed under strict control, she used to get very bored and quite fretful not being able to join the “dig”. Even in our garden a joyful doodle helper is not always a good idea. Heat is a problem she preferred this year to stay on cold tiles in the shaded part of the house. Anyway hope it works well for you and you can spend many peaceful hours sowing and then harvesting wonderful tasting veggies. They really do taste better. If the ground is not well prepared or has been left unattended for some time, we always put a large crop of spud in as it breaks up the soil, keeps weeds down and prepares the soil for the following year.
Happy New Year

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