Porlock Labradoodle Day

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Porlock Labradoodle Day

Post by mimi » 29 Jul 2007, 21:12

Mary Rook put on a really fantastic day for Labradoodle owners who came from far and wide! The sun shone and there was a great turn out!

A big thank you to Mary and her helpers!

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Post by amber » 29 Jul 2007, 21:47

Its nice to hear you all had a good day
Linda xxx

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Post by charlotte » 29 Jul 2007, 21:56

It was a great day- thanks Mary.
Sorry for Keaira's excitable and ear piercing yapping all day but she slept the second she got into the car and is crashed out now!

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Post by RALPHY » 30 Jul 2007, 07:54

We had a great time....thanks to Mary for organising the event.

It was lovely to meet everyone and see all the different Doods. I am very grateful to all those who looked after Darcee as it was her first experience!! We were worried about letting her off lead for the walk....she was off straight away, but every 10-15 mins she came back to see where we were...then she was off again!! Thanks to the kind chap who put her on his lead at the end of the walk before she reached the car park. Oh, and thanks to Deb for stopping her eating the Cow Poo!!

Darcee is exhausted now, hopefully I will have a quiet day!!!
Pam and Doodles, Darcee and Declann
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Post by yoz1881 » 30 Jul 2007, 09:43

Sounds wonderful, but where are the pictures? :lol:
Catherine, owner of Roger & Dylan, the up and coming stud dogs ;-)

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Post by karon » 30 Jul 2007, 13:56

Sorry, didn't get any piccies as the memory card on my camera was full up!
It was a lovely day and many thanks to Mary and friends for organising the event. It's getting bigger every year.
I'm sure Chester would have done much better in the whistle sit if it had not been for the strategically placed picnic!!!
Already looking forward to next year.

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deb Beasor
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Post by deb Beasor » 31 Jul 2007, 21:45


Great day was had by all Roxy came 2nd in the scruffiest doodle, here are some piccies

Famous horse box ride


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Post by debs43 » 31 Jul 2007, 21:47

what fantastic place it looks, looks like you had a great day

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Post by cospop » 31 Jul 2007, 22:33

What a great day Mary, it was so good to see so many happy doodles especially on the walk, my 6 month cream boy digger became firm friends with Eddie!!! and Im sure he thought the mud was there just for him!!
I cant remember a time without a houseful of children and assorted pets and I cant remember a dull day either!
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Post by Sooty » 31 Jul 2007, 22:35

Looks fantastic :D

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Post by freedom » 01 Aug 2007, 11:20

What a great day !!
It was lovely to meet Kate, sorry I didn't see you leave.
Mary Rook is just the lovliest person you could ever meet, love her to bits, she does not come on here but I will pass on the messages.
The location is just fabulous.
Thanks to mimi for looking after my boy Hedley, he had a great day saying hi to everyone, he slept the whole way home to Hampshire.
Did you see the moon that night? awesome


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Post by DizzyDora » 01 Aug 2007, 18:02

:lol: A big thank you to Mary and all her helpers! :lol:

We have just got back & we also had a brilliant time at
the Porlock doodle walk & show, Mary all your hard work paid off!
What a nice way to meet some lovely people and some fabulous doodles
Kona had a great time chasing all the doodles on the walk and
was caught just in time in the tea gardens. :oops:

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Post by karon » 01 Aug 2007, 19:36

Did you partake of a cream tea in the tea garden??

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Post by Esther » 01 Aug 2007, 21:25

Wow, we just got back today too. I had a whale of a time, so did my mum and Ben. Not sure if I'm pleased that I got in two of the above photos, but my mum is the one pushing the pushchair with my son in it. Riley looks like he was having a good time in the first pic.

there were so many people there, it was amazing. I don't think I actually managed tomeet any of you, but I'm absolutely useless putting names to faces. We'll be going again next year. Hopefully not too difficult with the pushchair next time. Mum and I deffinately build our muscles up.

Also proud as punch, Riley got 4th for the wagliest tail. I'll post some picks when I have uploaded them.

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Post by hodgey » 02 Aug 2007, 12:45

:D :D sounds like you all had a fab time. When will the meet be next year....have to start putting things like this on the calender. We pick out doodle pup up next Friday.... :lol:

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