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Doodle Day - Dundee

Posted: 09 Aug 2007, 13:42
by amckechnie
so who all is going??

I am sooo excited for my girls to meet other doods!! they have only ever met a couple and they had a ball!! so good to meet other dood lovers !!

they definitely wont be any available pups there? god i could home with a car full!!


Posted: 09 Aug 2007, 14:31
by DizzyDora
:cry: We are so sad that we can not make the
Labradoodle Day at Dundee this year as we had such
a great time last year it's at an ideal venue really easy
to find and such lovely people and fabulous Doodles. :cry:

Sending best wishes to all the hard working organisers of
The Scottish Labradoodle Day
:lol: Enjoy yourselves and have a Brilliant Day &
Hopefully next year we will be able to join you again.

Best Regards DizzyDora & Kona

Posted: 09 Aug 2007, 21:22
by weecheekymonkey

We had planned to go to the meet on Sat but our plans have changed and we're not picking our pups on on Fri night so we'll not be able to make it....Boo hoo! We where looking forward to it as well. :D :D


at least we'll have our little girls and thats much more exciting eh?!!

DizzyDora, Kona is a stunning dog. What generation is Kona, you must be so proud!!!! Our pups are F3. ... 3f30_b.jpg

Our wee brown girl above looks a little like Kona, what do you think?? lol :lol:

Joanne and Paul

Posted: 09 Aug 2007, 21:43
by amckechnie


Posted: 09 Aug 2007, 21:58
by weecheekymonkey
:lol: :lol: :lol: LOL we would love to come honestly.

However we fly down to Gawtick tomorrow afternoon, hire a car, drive to Surrey, have something to eat then pick the pups up, and then have a 8-10 hour drive home so, we'll not get home until around 3 or 4ish.

Honestly we'd love to come and show them off but we'd be knackered :( :(

I'll be sure to post lots of pictures !! :D

Joanne x

Posted: 09 Aug 2007, 22:58
HI we hope to be there you wont miss us as we are going up in our Horseox tomorow so we have somewhere to stay we are taking 4 doodles Otto (blonde) Bourneville(guess what colour) Sally and Dolly Black. Looking forward to meeting people and putting faces to names both human and Doodle Carol,Trevor and the Doodles