black F1 boy puppy??

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black F1 boy puppy??

Post by tasha2007 » 28 Aug 2007, 20:50

Im getting a black f1 puppy in December! he's not even born yet but I am so excited, has any one else got a gorgeous black F1 puppy?

all your dogs are beautiful btw!

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Re: black F1 boy puppy??

Post by labradoodlelover28 » 28 Aug 2007, 20:58

good luck on gettingyour new pup!!
F1's are beautiful, infact all doodles are beautiful but,
you've got the best of both breeds (50,50)
anyway send some piccies when their born!!
becki and sassy

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Re: black F1 boy puppy??

Post by jags » 28 Aug 2007, 22:28

yes i have look at pics of archie in general dis
my archie is lovely i know im basied

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Re: black F1 boy puppy??

Post by groover » 28 Aug 2007, 23:07

hi there

bet you cant wait for the new arrival. i know how you feel . we had to wait till after the summer to get our puppy as we had too much on to look after him properly but we pick him up in 4 weeks now so not long to go.

you'll be amazed how quickly time goes by and it will be December before you know it.


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Re: black F1 boy puppy??

Post by debs43 » 28 Aug 2007, 23:45

hi tash how exciting bet you cant wait, we have an f1 black doodle called ziggy.

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Re: black F1 boy puppy??

Post by Furians » 28 Aug 2007, 23:46

i've just had a litter of black goldendoodles!!!

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Re: black F1 boy puppy??

Post by rozie » 29 Aug 2007, 10:32

black Goldendoodles... wow.. and congrats!! I have 2 Goldendoodles both cream... hoping to mate them one day depending on scores etc :D

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