Did your husband agree to having a doodle?

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Did your husband agree to having a doodle?

Post by jessie » 06 Sep 2007, 23:19

After the kids and I begged, nagged and pleaded, my husband finally gave in and agreed to us getting a Labradoodle. He said he would have one because it would mean so much to me as I grew up with dogs, but claimed that although he doesn't mind dogs, he really did NOT want to live with a dog. I thought he would change his mind, I mean how can you not fall madly in love with a doodle pup. Jessie is now an adorable, lovable two year old who is expecting her first litter in two weeks and although he has gotten used to her and walks her, he STILL claims he doesn't like living with a dog. Mind you I have spotted him stroking her when he thought he was on his own so thankfully he is kind to her.

Does anyone else have or had this problem??

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Re: Did your husband agree to having a doodle?

Post by brandy » 06 Sep 2007, 23:23

hubby did not want another dog, as we had had problems in past with dogs.
first one had to be put down, second one was inbred and psyco, 3rd one my baby was allergic too (now outgrown allergy)
so was very sceptic.
but after wanting a dog for ages.. and putting it off.. and sadly loosing our baby to stillbirth in feb. he said yes, knowing i really needed something more to love.
even though he didnt want a dog, a dog was coming into the house under sufferance.. she is now his baby.. loads of love and kisses.. gave her Ice Cream today!!!
and now we are talking about getting a little sister for bubbles.. and he dosent even call her a dog, she is one of our children. she is just thrown in as one of the kids when he refers to her!

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claire fifi
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Re: Did your husband agree to having a doodle?

Post by claire fifi » 06 Sep 2007, 23:30

All this seems very familiar. My OH was ADAMENT that we would not have a dog. I worked on him for 6 months (kept leaving pics of cute pups on the PC) until he gave in - under sufferance :roll:

Now he absolutely adores Muppet - although still gets annoyed if she tries to venture upstairs at night .

Funny lot, Men . :wink:
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Re: Did your husband agree to having a doodle?

Post by Bid » 06 Sep 2007, 23:50

It took me 25 years! Once my OH agreed to offer a home to Barney when my Mum couldn't carry on looking after him I was ecstatic and I couldn't believe it when last year he gave me a birthday card and in it was a voucher he had made entitling me to a puppy of my choice - completely out of the blue! I had campaigned for years and had really given up. He dotes on Daisy (secretly when he thinks I'm not looking). Now I'm working on pup no 2 - lets hope it doesn't take another 25 years!
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Re: Did your husband agree to having a doodle?

Post by KateW » 07 Sep 2007, 00:08

That is lovely,Bid.I think lots of men hate change and disruption.Also they seem less able to cope with mess and smells......

I find that once I have done all the research,made arrangements to see puppies,kittens,whatever my husband always falls for said animal.When we had our pug,I had to go to London to be interviewed by our breeder and he was so horrified at the thought of a pug he wouldn't even look at her baby pics.He kept saying that I would have to be solely responsible for her,etc,etc and that he would not take her out because it would be too embarrassing.In the event he adored her the moment they met and he often took her out,meeting all sorts of people as everybody wants to talk to a pug...

He fell massively for Rufus although he insisted that we were only going to look at the litter I had identified so I could "see what they are like as a breed".Within moments of arrival, he had succumbed.He is also thrilled that Rufus is a doggy boy dog who likes sport,ball chasing,etc,etc.


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The Royles
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Re: Did your husband agree to having a doodle?

Post by The Royles » 07 Sep 2007, 00:12

From the mans perspective:

I always resisted getting a dog, as I knew the sacrifices involved. My wife and 2 kids did not seem to realise the sacrifices they would have to make in their lives.

I also knew that I would end up chief walker, head poo gatherer and the master of the grooming. I grew up with dogs, and love them to bits, but sometimes you need to take a realistic view on the commitment involved.

So I eventually caved in and here we are, Magic (our Doodle) is almost a year old and all my predictions have come true ( I am fed up of saying "but what about Magic" as the rest announce that we should go to Legoland of something for the day), and I would happily return to a dog free household tomorrow if I could.

This does not mean I do not like Magic - she is my little lady and adores me like I adore her - it just means that all the things that applied before we got her still apply now. The only difference is that we have a dog who relies on us (me in particular), so we have a responsibility to love and care for her - and I always take responsibility seriously.

Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble, but I cant put it any better really so I hope you all understand.


Judy Shelton
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Re: Did your husband agree to having a doodle?

Post by Judy Shelton » 07 Sep 2007, 02:10

I do understand my husband says much the same as you do. Having a dog is a huge responsibilty, on a par with having children. And a lot of men shy away from that major life change as well

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Re: Did your husband agree to having a doodle?

Post by grainne » 07 Sep 2007, 07:39

I had almost the opposiate problem of you Kate!

My boyfriend (of three years) wanted to get a pug, I wanted a labradoodle. As it was me who was moving out and he was still living at home, obviously I started looking for breeders etc and we agreed to get a pug the following year. It was a compromise for both of us as he didnt really love doodles (too much walking) and I didnt really love pugs (not enough walking).

So I was put on the breeders reservation list and waited impatiently for Louie to be born, and he had said as I was graduating that year, he would buy Louie for me as a present.

Louie was born, the next day, he broke up with me.

Fortunately I have the common sense to never rely on anyone else, and had saved money up to pay for Louie. And now Louie means so much more to me than just a pet, because to me he represents my singleness and my independence. My ex boyfriend never would have thought I would have gone ahead and bought Louie without him, and when he saw me with the CUTEST puppy in the world in town, and everyone making a fuss of him, his face was a picture.

Louie is better than any boyfriend, more attentive and farrrr more loving. And in a way it is so much better, as I can really devote more time to him training and playing, which I wouldnt have been able to do with as much gusto had I had old fatboy ex boyfriend in tow.

Sorry i think thats my longest post EVER!!


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Re: Did your husband agree to having a doodle?

Post by Emma » 07 Sep 2007, 07:44

Having had Bracken ( my border collie) for 10 years, (claire, I also got her by leaving cute pics on his desk :wink: ), when she died nearly 2 years ago ( horrible brain tumour :cry: ), my hubby was so blunt, thoughtless and downright unkind :evil: ( he is normally a wonderful wonderful man, but, hey, Bracken was just a dog, and he didnt want her in the first place anyway) :shock: . I told him I needed another dog. Previous to brackens death, he said it would have to be a small one. :?
Cue Amos! :D He is huge @ 40kg. :lol: :lol: A labradoodle was the ONLY dog I could consider. :!: nothing else would do and I was sooooo distraught having lost Bracken, that thanks to Hubbys unkindness to me, he was then prepared to make it up to me by giving me anything I wanted. :wink: i wanted a labradoodle. :D
Needless to say, this man of mine now loves Amos to bits, considers him a part of our family ( but.... I thought dogs were just dogs???? :evil: ), and wouldnt be without him for the world. :mrgreen:
What a strange breed these men are. :shock: :mrgreen:
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Re: Did your husband agree to having a doodle?

Post by susiegill » 07 Sep 2007, 08:02

:lol: Same here.

I had to work on my OH for about six months before he 'caved' in. He was not keen on the idea of a dog at all. When we first met, I had a dog from my previous relationship and he really resented him :evil:

In the end, I had to rehome the dog, because I was fed up of his resentment of my dog, and I felt sorry for him. I found him a wonderful home, but I was heartbroken :cry: and vowed there would never be another dog for me. However that was over 10 years ago now, and I found life strange without a dog. Eventually, we got Rosie and my OH now sees that I am a better person with a dog, it just feels right for me to have a dog around. When I was young and living at home I was desperate for a dog but my parents never allowed me one. My OH is so soft and lovable towards Rosie it's unreal.

Rosie has certainly chnaged our lives for the better, and now when we recently bought our new car one of the considerations was that it was big enough for us and TWO Doodles!!!
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Re: Did your husband agree to having a doodle?

Post by Deb R » 07 Sep 2007, 08:24

I totally agree, my hubby new i would have another dog when cassie had to be put to sleep, he said I know i cant talk you out of another dog, He knows me to well, He is another man that is not to bothered if we have a dog or not, he loved cassie but didn't really do anything with her. I did it all, feeding, walking, getting up the poo, all the trainning, etc. But I love every minute of it and cant wait to get my new pup.

Deb R
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Re: Did your husband agree to having a doodle?

Post by Mightdoodle » 07 Sep 2007, 08:37

I must be lucky, my husband is more excited than I am! We met a 3mth old cream f2 labradoodle pup on holiday recently and he just absolutely fell in love with it and couldn't stop talking about it for weeks.

We're just waiting for the right dog and time now. Hurry up December!
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Re: Did your husband agree to having a doodle?

Post by Sooty » 07 Sep 2007, 09:47

I have been with my hubby for 17 years and Married nearly 11. It has taken me a long time to persuade him to get a dog. I went off dogs when the kids were tiny which is a bit strange as i have wanted one all my life. I think instinct kicked in and i remembered my Aunts dog who had a food guarding thing and went for me when i was small. I know the final caving in came when his job changed (again) and he flies off most weeks leaving me and the kids to get on with it. i pointed out the companionship aspect and he knew already that i would be the one to walk, clean, feed it as i do with the other animals/humans. i thought i wouldnt play on the guard dog aspect as unless you want slobbered to death well......... :? I just feel so lucky that Mac chose me and i wouldn't be without him for the world.

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Re: Did your husband agree to having a doodle?

Post by gilly39 » 07 Sep 2007, 10:08

Dave loved the kittens we had which I turned out to be allergic to and I talked about having a dog for ages before actually taking action. When I was ill at Christmas, I think he just finally decided we needed something in our lives and it has really worked to take attention of other things.

He would always say 'you will walk them' etc. but to be honest, he adores Charlie and has really missed her these past few weeks she has been away.

I am laying the groundwork for dog no.2..... oh and the detached house so I can have dog no.3,4,5.... :D :D :D :D

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Re: Did your husband agree to having a doodle?

Post by yoz1881 » 07 Sep 2007, 10:17

My OH knew he wanted a large dog, he just didn't know that he wanted a doodle :lol:

It took an awful lot of cute doodle pictures, a lot of nagging (from me and the kids), and about a year for him to realise that he wanted one, and now he's as proud as punch, especially when people stop and ask us about them and coo over them :roll:

I can't have any more kids, and the 2 I have got aren't Andy's, so Roger & Dylan are effectively our babies. I sometimes wonder who he loves more, me or them :lol:
Catherine, owner of Roger & Dylan, the up and coming stud dogs ;-)

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