What do you love about your Labradoodle ?

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Post by Sharon » 02 Nov 2006, 13:36

I can't see the occasional dance doing her any harm :D

When is Kallie getting a sibling then lol ? 8)

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Post by tarquin » 03 Nov 2006, 13:49

Sharon wrote:I can't see the occasional dance doing her any harm :D

When is Kallie getting a sibling then lol ? 8)
Kals sister will be here xmas wk
Its scary......but exciting at the same time :roll:
2 doods r better than 1

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Post by DizzyDora » 03 Nov 2006, 13:57

:D Congratulations Tarky do we photo's yet? :D

Double smiles coming upgreat news :lol:

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Post by LouBeale » 18 Nov 2006, 16:45

I love the way both my doodles try to sit on my lap if I sit down on the floor. Teddy especially loves a cuddle and is happy to sit there even though he must be uncomfortable.


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Post by Mandy » 18 Nov 2006, 19:55

Sometimes wonder who is daftest!! Us or our pets. What a brilliant picture. Cant stop giggling at it.

I love the way Pepe is wanting to learn so fast. How she sits and gives us five. And how she cocks her head from side to side if she hears something strange.

I love the way she jumps and skips about - full of happiness and enthusiam.

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Post by judewilson » 19 Nov 2006, 20:02

I love the way Bella wipes the wooden floor with her tail ,()who needs a hoover )and the more excited she gets as i talk to her the more her tail is like a helicopter. round and round one day she will take off!
I love the way she know if I am upset and lickes my hand.
I love the way she lies under my chair at night ,The bigger she gets the less gets under.
I Love the way she hangs off my great danes jowls but he adores her and will give up any toy for her.
I loves the wayshe sticks her bum in the air front on the foor and challenges me to catch her!!!!!
I just love and adore her :D :D :D :D

Anna Costaire
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Post by Anna Costaire » 20 Nov 2006, 22:34

I love the way I can just drop my hand to always find a scruffy furry head to stroke.
I love the way that if I sit down a warm furry body comes to sit beside me. I wrap my arm round her and we sit together in companionable silence.
I love the way she's always there for me through the hard times. never judging, always comforting.
Then again I love her when she's having a mad doodle session - my laughter delights her so.
I love the way she rushes to tell me she's been protecting the ducks on our pond from monsters, when she's the one covered with mud and muck from chasing round and round the pond keeping the ducks grouped in the middle.
And at the end of the day, when I look at her stretched out on the bed on her back, legs akimbo, I think to myself, what did I do to deserve my wonderful companion and friend.
Thank you for ten and a half years of love, loyalty and happiness. 14/2/04-5/8/14.
R.I.P my sweet girl - always in my heart. xx

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Catherine Ford
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Post by Catherine Ford » 24 Nov 2006, 11:38

Hi everyone..........One of the many things I love about Darcey Doodle is the way she comes and puts her head on my lap and looks up at me with her big brown eyes.. I say she is telling me how much she loves me ..........but hubby says she just being her little(Not so little) cutie self :wink: and asking for a treat. Another thing I Love about my Doodle is that she makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo Happy. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Doodle Love

Post by KatyH » 25 Nov 2006, 18:29

Oh my goodness - reading this thread, when feeling a bit emotional anyway, was a mistake!!! :cry:
I don't think I can do better than to agree with everyone's sentiments! I can't beleive how much Charlie has changed our lives for the better. He is such a bundle of fun, and so well behaved - but with the perfect amount of puppy madness too!!
Doodles rule!! :lol: :lol:
Katy H

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Post by tarquin » 29 Jun 2007, 18:37

:) :) :)

The thing i love about my 2nd Doodle is ,she has so much Character,she is such a funny loving excitable clown..i love it when she runs round the garden .when shes pushed her luck to far with Kallie,and Kallie takes so much of Lexie then Kallie tells her big time :lol: :lol:
I love it when we go to the park and my 2 little ladies are sprinting of and they look so different and so excited ,,I just love having my dogs, my life would be sooooooooooooooooo dull,without them
I love it when Lexie notices her tail wagging ( it never stops) and gives this almight MAN bark :lol: :lol:
I love my DOODLES so much,thanks very much to the Breeders for letting me have them...i love my doodle breeders toooooooooooo
2 doods r better than 1

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Post by freedom » 30 Jun 2007, 10:47

I love their enormous sense of fun, Kushti will play with anyone but I'm her favourite playmate, we have a real rough & tumble
I love the way they look deep into your soul and make you laugh even when life gets you down.
I've taught Nirvana to sit & wave for his breakfast and if he wants to grab my attention, he will sit & wave at me, real cute, my heart melts.

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claire fifi
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Post by claire fifi » 30 Jun 2007, 12:17

I love the way that Muppet bounces through the long summer grass ! Such a lovely sight - if the sun is shining :roll: - the grasses in the park have a gorgeous pinky/purple haze of seed heads and then there's Mupps, all beautiful and blonde - leaping like a gazelle through it. :D
Claire and Muppet Image


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Post by shnarfty » 30 Jun 2007, 14:09

Sit on the floor and Teddy will cuddle up and lean agianst you, ask for a kiss and you get a huge doodle lick. When he think its about time you took a walk, he brings you a shoe (not necessarily your own) and then another and another, until you give in, I once had five pairs of missmatched shoes at my feet!
7am is morning cuddle time, stretched out full length inbetween OH & me with a contented "Hurmph" (never gets on our bed any other time)
Follows the boys (7 & 5) everywhere with a look thats says "what shall we play next?"
The list goes on, but he makes me laugh everyday, he is such a clown but very kindhearted. We have had him for 5 months now, but I cant remember what life was like pre-doodle!
Jo & Teddy

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Post by LouBeale » 30 Jun 2007, 14:11

Aaawwww, that is so lovely and so doodle, long may they live, bless them all! :wink:

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Post by claire33 » 30 Jun 2007, 18:45

We love the way Archie runs around the garden, he leaps off the patio and runs crazily trying to catch the ball!:)

Only got him today!

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