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Posted: 03 Nov 2006, 11:02
by Sharon
Well, silly old me for thinking that when I mated my standard poodle to a SECOND GENERATION LABRADOODLE ie F2 that my puppies would be F2B ..... :?

Of course I should have known that the puppies would be a FIRST GENERATION BACKCROSS .... even though no first generation Labradoodle was involved in the breeding ! :roll: :roll:

we backcrossed a second generation labradoodle to a poodle and as far as I am concerned that makes the pups a second generation backcross - F2B regardless of what it says elsewhere ...

Mind you what do I know ?!! :roll:

And does it really matter anyway - no matter what whether Kona is an F1B or F2B she is one beauty !! 8)

Posted: 03 Nov 2006, 11:14
by Sharon
I don't wish for this to lead to any heated forum discussions and so prob the best way forward is to agree to disagree on this one.

Posted: 03 Nov 2006, 12:17
by donz
Sharon & DizzyDora - Kona is a real beauty.

Dizzydora - does she shed much? I have a scruffy F1 and he does shed a fair amount (nowhere near a lab but still sweeping every day :wink: )

I am looking to get a fleece coat dood mid next year , Sharon will you be planning anymore litters of this type??

Posted: 03 Nov 2006, 13:05
by DizzyDora
Thanks for all the lovely comments regarding Kona :lol:

No I am very lucky Kona sheds only a tiny amount &
really only when she’s brushed or the grandchildren
tug at her this does does mean though that she needs
more grooming personally I prefer it that way as I
prefer brushing Kona to doing the housework anyday :lol:

Posted: 03 Nov 2006, 13:41
by Sharon
Hi Donz,

I am not sure yet, but maybe will have a litter next year from my brown poodle - if so we will be using Kona's Dad again.
Will let you know as soon as I have decided whether or not to go ahead. If so, pups will prob be born springtime.

Posted: 03 Nov 2006, 14:11
by donz
absolutely - she really is a gorgeous dood - how tall is she?

Posted: 03 Nov 2006, 14:13
by donz
thanks Sharon - appreciate keeping in touch - we are looking to move 1st half of the year hence why I say mid year so could be good timing - and if I get my way we will move sooner rather than later!!

Posted: 04 Nov 2006, 17:39
by Mkla

PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2006 7:43 pm
It was a common occurence until three years ago when I started to educate breeders what the puppies generation should qualify as.
May I ask how long you have been breeding :?:

Posted: 04 Nov 2006, 17:44
by LouBeale
Sharon wrote:I don't wish for this to lead to any heated forum discussions and so prob the best way forward is to agree to disagree on this one.
I am interested to know why heated disussions should be caused by this subject. Surely it is a good debate that needs clarification in order for people to be able to work out for themselves what gen their doodles are.
To me it doesn't matter, a doodle is a doodle and I love em all (which I have already stated).

Yes, we should all agree to disagree if that is the case, but ideally we could all be working together to achieve the same ends - happy, healthy puppies, regardless of generation.