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Post by shelly » 18 Apr 2008, 21:39

i'd just like to thank everyone for their support & kind wishes (via another post & emails)...i'm sorry if i don't reply to each of you personally.

for those who don't know, alfie, our beautiful standard poodle was taken from us on wednesday in a tragic road accident.

i met another poodle lover in a park i'd never been to before & were enjoying watching our dogs playing together for the first time.
there was a surrounding hedge & lots of other dogs off their leads so i wasn't worried when alfie bounded after a bird as usual.
i expected him to stop & turn back when he reached the boundary but he went straight through a small gap in the hedge that i hadn't seen.
there was no pavement on the other side & he ran straight on to the road.
tragically he was hit by a motorbike & died instantly.

thankfully alfie didn't feel any pain but the pain in our hearts is unbearable.

he was our adorable, handsome gentle giant who enjoyed life to the full.
my friend called him the 'forest gump' of the doggie was just one big box of chocolates to alfie......he even enjoyed going to the vets!

nothing fazed our boy, he always looked like he was smiling!
he adored everything & everyone & had a heart of gold.

he was so loving & full of fun that he touched the hearts of everyone he met.
alfie wasn't even 2yrs old but will be missed by so many people.

i haven't got the words to explain how we are feeling
or how empty our lives feel without our 'great big teddy bear'!

alfie made us laugh every single day & we've got wonderful memories that i know we'll enjoy sharing in time, but for now the pain is just too much.

alfie was 'larger than life' & had such a 'big' character that we know he will live on through the puppies he sired.
our sweet little peggy is alfie's daughter.
she is like him in so many ways & for that we'll always be grateful.

my life feels dark & empty right now but i know that heaven is a brighter place now that our alfie is there.

we were blessed to have been part of his life.

i don't post on here very often, & this is so hard to do, but i really wanted to leave a tribute to alfie.....

you were the light in our lives
the smile on our lips
the love in our hearts
our pride and our joy.

not just a dog but our wonderful, loyal, funny friend.

sweet dreams baby boy, we'll never forget you.
be happy till we meet again.
we'll love you forever.



Shelly X

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Re: star in heaven

Post by amber » 18 Apr 2008, 21:47

Oh Shelly, we are so sorry. What a terrible tragedy, we are heartbroken too, and i just can't imagine the pain you are suffering.
I am thinking of you, and sent Alfie out a prayer last night too.
I am sure he is alright now, like you said it is just the grief for the families left behind. :cry: :cry:
Linda and Alex xx

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Re: star in heaven

Post by Bid » 18 Apr 2008, 21:51

That is a wonderful & moving tribute to a very special boy. You have been constantly in our thoughts this last couple of days Shelly, and I just can't imagine what you are going through.

We treasure our little Poppy, and if she grows up to have a personality anything like her dad Alfie we shall be very proud.

With much love, Bid & Pete
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Re: star in heaven

Post by misskatie » 18 Apr 2008, 21:55

What lovely things you have written about Alfie. It is obvious how much he meant to you, and I can't bear to think of how much grief you must be feeling right now. My dog was nearly 15 when we lost him a few months ago, and I felt like my heart had been ripped out, but to lose a young dog in such tragic circumstances...I feel for you so much :cry: .

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Re: star in heaven

Post by freyadog » 18 Apr 2008, 21:59

How lovely your words are about a very very special boy Alfie.
He sounded a great dog and they say all good dog's go to heaven.
He will live forever in your hearts and everyday you will think of him it will be very sore at the moment but in time you will be able to remember the fun you all shared together.
We lost out best friend last year and still today i talk to her photo as i pass it, it helps me now to remember the fun we shared.
Our thought's are with you and your family and Alfie is free running around with Colsy in doggie heaven.
Rest In Peace Alfie.x

Caroline x

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Re: star in heaven

Post by rhian » 18 Apr 2008, 22:09

Shelly , I'm so sorry for your loss , you've written a moving tribute which will resonate with many who have lost a friend who is 'more than just a pet',
Rhian, Martin
and Mostyn
Rhian , Martin and Mostyn the goldendoodle


Re: star in heaven

Post by Elmo-the-Bear » 18 Apr 2008, 22:12

Not too good with words for this type of thing but from what you've written Alfie sounded special and always will be.

Condolences -

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Re: star in heaven

Post by amber » 18 Apr 2008, 22:15


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Re: star in heaven

Post by amber » 18 Apr 2008, 22:16


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Re: star in heaven

Post by AnnaCostaire » 18 Apr 2008, 22:23

Oh Shelly, you have had me in tears with your wonderful tribute to Alfie. I am so very sorry for your loss. The hurt and grief will slowly wane a little, leaving you with just your wonderful memories. But for now it is good to grieve and to cry the tears that need to fall. It was on Wednesday that we lost one of our little pups too. He suddenly started to fit and became so traumatised after the third one, I had him put to sleep - we were at the vets by then. He was just 10 weeks.
Perhaps he and Alfie met at Rainbow Bridge and crossed together to the other side. I would like to think that my little chap found a friend to pass over with.

I am crying tears for them both as I write.

Hugs to you and your family.

Anna and M
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Re: star in heaven

Post by susiegill » 18 Apr 2008, 23:03

Hi Shelly

So sorry to hear bout Afie :cry:

Don't know what else to say, thinking of you all at this sad time :(
Susan, Rosie & Molly

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Megan O'Sullivan
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Re: star in heaven

Post by Megan O'Sullivan » 18 Apr 2008, 23:29

What hearbreaking news....Alfie sounded wonderful.

Our thoughts are with you. :cry:

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Re: star in heaven

Post by acer » 19 Apr 2008, 11:59

What a wonderful tribute. You obviously thought the world of Alfie & the pain for you must be terrible, thinking of you at such a sad time.
Acer x

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Re: star in heaven

Post by junie » 19 Apr 2008, 13:50

hi Shelly, l'm so very sorry to hear that tragic news. Just remember that Alfie has traded one heaven on earth living with you for another above.
l think all the dogs talked about on this site have wonderful lives and when we lose them we have the knowledge that they couldn't have been loved or treasured more.
We're all thinking of you at this dreadful time.
June and Lenny
Lenny's Mum

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Katie Rourke
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Re: star in heaven

Post by Katie Rourke » 19 Apr 2008, 14:40

Sweet dreams Alfie. I hope you've gone to the place where the rabbits run slow and the squirrels can't climb trees.
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