star in heaven

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Re: star in heaven

Post by Flossiebag » 19 Apr 2008, 15:41

so very sorry for your loss - heartbreaking :cry:
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Re: star in heaven

Post by Wookie » 19 Apr 2008, 16:21

Tears streaming down my face - so very sad to hear your news.
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Re: star in heaven

Post by Lainey74 » 19 Apr 2008, 16:32

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful boy. How wonderful for you to have had each other, albeit for such a tragically short time. I'm sure he and Anna's pup crossed the bridge together.

Run free Alfie and little pup.

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Re: star in heaven

Post by Emma » 19 Apr 2008, 18:11

So sorry to hear about Alfie....... he will be at Rainbow Bridge with many other friends now, and Anna's little pup too. I'm sure you'll feel his presence around you too, giving you a lick when youre feeling sad.
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Re: star in heaven

Post by graciedoodle » 19 Apr 2008, 21:03

Shelly i am so sorry to hear about Alfie. You must be heartbroken,i am crying reading your message. Tragic. Alfie will meet you at heavens gate as i know my dogs will meet me when we are needed on the other side. I lost a two year old bitch a few years ago and the pain was unbearable. I felt cheated out of the life she should have had. Treasure Alfies daughter and he will show his love for you through her. Jacqui xx

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Re: star in heaven

Post by Sooty » 19 Apr 2008, 22:58

I am so sorry. Such a short time together. Run free at the bridge darling there are lots of our loved ones there to look after you.

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Re: star in heaven

Post by MrsAdmin » 19 Apr 2008, 23:18

Shelley, we are so sorry for the traumatic loss you have suffered.

Although it happened nearly 50 years ago, I can still remember
our Old English Sheepdog being run over in Weymouth on a day out.
I was only two and a bit and my brother was a baby and a car verved
towards us and mounted the pavement. Mickey put himself
between us and the car and saved us, although he didn't survive.

The pain will lessen but you never forget the wonderful dogs who go
on before. Until you meet with Alfie again, our thoughts are with you.

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Re: star in heaven

Post by Osaeru » 20 Apr 2008, 00:01

Sending a big Hug

Not very good at this but want you to know I am thinking of you.

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Re: star in heaven

Post by ralph'smum » 20 Apr 2008, 08:31

So sorry for your sad loss and for Anna's pup
Your memories will always be in your hearts
Tracey & Ralph

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Re: star in heaven

Post by Brenda and Ruby » 20 Apr 2008, 08:59

So sorry, such a tragic loss
Stay positive I am sure we will meet our lovely pets at Rainbow Bridge

Brenda and Ruby

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Re: star in heaven

Post by alfienmoose » 21 Apr 2008, 19:07

How awful for you. Hope the biker was spared any injury.

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Re: star in heaven

Post by groover » 21 Apr 2008, 19:34

Hi Shelley
I haven't posted for a while but felt compelled to send you my deepest sympathies following your tragic lose.
i know exactly how you feel as i lost my beautiful pound hound A.L.F (alien life form)1 1/2 years ago also in an RTA.
my father had him out on a lead walk and they were both killed.
we were all devistated and thought we would never recover. i think the thing we found hardest to deal with was the speed at which we lost them. there was no time to prepare ourselves and no time to say our goodbyes.
but we can now remember them with a smile and thank god for the time we shared with them.
time is a healer and the pain will not always be this intense.
love to you and your family


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Re: star in heaven

Post by Treacletoffee » 21 Apr 2008, 22:32

Good God groover just when I thought it couldnt get any worse your tale is unbeliveable what a shock for that to happen how do you cope with that. When a dog gets old we all prepare ourselves for the expected but still find it so hard, There must be nothing worse than out for a nice walk everyone enjoying themselves then tragedy and to such a young boy, my heart feels for you, I am sure you are at the "if only" stage which is devastating going over things in your mind. nothing will lesson the grief only time, remember all the good times and thank God you have his legacy to enjoy, there will always be part of him with you in his offspring, that was his gift to you. RIP Alfie & puppy in doggy heaven. I often have dreams with my past dogs in them so I feel they are still with me.
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Re: star in heaven

Post by wissymo » 16 May 2008, 17:42

well,i must spend hours on this forum just reading and looking at pictures.
i cant belive it been almost a month and ive only just read about this.
shelly,im so sorry....
thats a lovely tribute...its the first time ive cryed in ages!

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Re: star in heaven

Post by Margo » 17 May 2008, 00:48

so sorry

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