Elmo The Bear

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Elmo The Bear

Post by freyadog » 27 Apr 2008, 11:38


Just thought i what tell you all about Elmo this coming week his diary is nearly full he has more of a social life than me :mrgreen:
Thursday afternoon he is going to Hydrothraphy Lesson he will be having one a week for about six months he has been vet checked by the vet and we have sent all the paperwork off to the pool.
Elmo we have only just found out has HD only mildly and with loving care and supplements this should correct itself. He will have to have another xray when he is a year old
A bit of a blow really when i got told on the phone his hips were ok,as you can possibly imagine we are a little upset at this. :(
But Elmo is a great dog and we will do everything in our powers to help him on the way to recovery. :)
Friday Elmo is going to the Groomers for the first time not sure how he will cope with this likes the bath but does not like the hairdryer.
Well lots of photo's to do this week no doubt. :)
Caroline x

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Re: Elmo The Bear

Post by janelli » 27 Apr 2008, 11:46

Poor old Elmo :( And first hair appointment - scary!
I bet he loves his hydrotherapy, and I'm sure it will do wonders for his joints. More photos soon please 'cos I love the Bear - a photo in the pool would be good....

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Re: Elmo The Bear

Post by kats » 27 Apr 2008, 11:47

oh no, am really really sorry to hear this :(

does the vet know what might have caused it? sorry i don't know much about the causes of this condition.

you really are having a week of it what with Freyas kennel cough as well :?

well he couldn't hope to be in a better home for being loved and looked after so well by you and Rob, he was lucky to find you. give him a big cuddle from me please, he looks so lovely if he was mine i'd end up spending all day everyday cuddling him i think

best wishes from me and Evie xx
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Kats and Evie x
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Re: Elmo The Bear

Post by labradoodlelover28 » 27 Apr 2008, 11:51

don't worry, if elmo is as great as the dog i've heard he will be great! and the therapy will work wonders to! :D

and as for the social life, I think he might have more of one then me too ! hehe :lol:
janelli wrote: More photos soon please 'cos I love the Bear - a photo in the pool would be good....
oh yes some photos will be great too!

beckie x

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Re: Elmo The Bear

Post by AnnaCostaire » 27 Apr 2008, 11:55

Oh Caroline, that is a bit of a blow, and I'm not suprised you are a bit upset, having been told The Bear was 'all clear' But I'm sure that with his swimming and the loving care he will certainly get from you and Rob, he will have a brilliant, happy and active life. He's a very lucky lad to have ended up in such a special household.

Anna and M
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Re: Elmo The Bear

Post by smilerz » 27 Apr 2008, 12:09

Hi Caroline,

Best wishes and lots of love, hope all goes well for you all.

Lots of love,

Adele and family xx

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Re: Elmo The Bear

Post by freyadog » 27 Apr 2008, 12:24

Thank you so much everyone this is why we are having a bad week this week and my poor Freya has kennel cough too. :(
Just hope to goodness Elmo does not get it as we would like him to start his hydro lessons sooner rather than later.
It's abit like Animal Hospital in our house at the moment,Freya cannot go out for walks as she will spread her germs,Elmo is on lead walks three times a day for twenty minutes,because of his Hd.
The drugs i am dishing out too various supplements for the dogs bones and Freya antibotics and cough mixture do you think i will get my Nurses Badge soon. :)
Also to top it off Elmo over the last few weeks has been bumping into things the patio doors so we have had to block them off,a lamp post and a wooden post the vet check his eyes reflex's are ok but she did a test with cones in the car park guess what he walked into them.. :shock:
She told me to cut his hair around his eyes which i have and if he is no better when he comes home from the groomers he will see an eye specialist. :(
Nevermind we are here for him and will do everything in our powers to help the big bear to recover. :)
Please peeps can we think of ideas to raise money for Labradoodle rescue with Elmo any ideas,this would keep our minds working and give us something to do with Elmo something nice.
Caroline x

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Re: Elmo The Bear

Post by misskatie » 27 Apr 2008, 13:48

Sorry to hear that :( , but sounds like he couldn't be with a better mum and dad to help him through it all. :D

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Re: Elmo The Bear

Post by amber » 27 Apr 2008, 14:23

Chin ups, i'm sure Elmo will be just fine.
Looking forward to pics when he has been to the groomers :wink:
How's Freya, her cough sounds nasty :(

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Re: Elmo The Bear

Post by freyadog » 27 Apr 2008, 14:27

Freya's cough is loud once she really gets going it's very butch do not know where thay comes from :shock:
She will get better soon i am sure keep taking the pills. :)

Caroline x

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Re: Elmo The Bear

Post by redheadreddog » 27 Apr 2008, 15:06

Hi i am gutted to hear about the bear and thank god people like yo have him and feel sure he will respond to the swiming and be ok and what with poor freya having the dreaded cough you realy have been through the mill,by the way the hair dryer was a fear i had with goerge but the groomer said that at first he was a little nervise but was ok in the end so dont panic he will be fine dont forget the befores and afters ok
heather and goerge :wink: :wink: :wink:

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Re: Elmo The Bear

Post by ralph'smum » 27 Apr 2008, 15:11

So sorry to hear they aren't well
Good job they have lovely Mum and Dad caring for them

Love reading your posts and seeing your pics

Hope they get better soon
Tracey & Ralph


Re: Elmo The Bear

Post by Elmo-the-Bear » 27 Apr 2008, 15:49

Thanks to all for the messages - the vet has said that bear has "very mild hip dysplasia" - don't know what that is (the journals only talk about "mild and upwards" and I've not seen any x-rays... so I'm none the wiser. Asked if could just be muscle laxity and got vague responses....Don't mind doing all the hydrotherapy (sure he'll love it) gentle exercise (I love taking him out on the lead) and the supplements were something we give anyway but it's just the vagueness of it all - if I did that in my job then I wouldn't get any work :|

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Re: Elmo The Bear

Post by amber » 27 Apr 2008, 16:36

Completely understand what you are saying!

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Re: Elmo The Bear

Post by patjoe » 27 Apr 2008, 17:43

Hope Elmo soon gets better. He was the most talked about Dood at the Northern Show today, just everyone knows whe he is and how fab he is. If best wishes can cure him he`d be fine in no time. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed.

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