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Persecuting the cat

Posted: 09 Apr 2009, 10:14
by annej
Hi, I have a 10 1/2 week old black standard labradoodle, Otto.
One of the problems we have with him is that he will not let the cat alone. He chases him bites his tail at any opportunity, jumps on him and even tried to bite his back the other day. Even when the cat is on a chair out of reach he constantly jumps up at him. The cat does give him a thwack and hisses but then he just raises his paw in reply and keeps going
My concern obviously is that as he gets bigger and heavier he may injure the cat.
I have tried the leave command/very good boy etc and occasionally it works but basically he still just chases as and when he can.
Any tips gratefully received.

Re: Persecuting the cat

Posted: 09 Apr 2009, 13:44
by ebug99
Hi Anne,

Firstly, the law of the land here on UKLA is that you MUST post photos of your dood !!!!!

Secondly, we have had a similar problem with Teddy, our standard dood who is 9 months old.
My cats sound more timid than yours and tend to run away which exacerbates the problem as Teddy then gives chase.

I think that Otto probably thinks the cat is another puppy as it sounds like he is trying to initiate puppy play.

All you can really do is make sure that the cat has lots of safe high up perches and keep up with the commands and praise as you are doing, eventually Otto will get the message. Confident cats like yours sounds to be, generally end up the boss, and they can move quicker than a dog, especially a puppy.

Teddy has got better and and will respond if we tell him to leave so bear with it. I'm guessing you've only had Otto a couple of weeks, so he'll still be finding his feet.


Re: Persecuting the cat

Posted: 09 Apr 2009, 13:53
by Rosikus
Toby still does this somewhat and he's 9 months too. I think it's just something you'll have to be persistant with what you're already doing. Toby's calmed down a bit but not much, I think it's an age thing, he just wants to play, not hurt.

We have three very different cats, and he reacts to them in different ways. We have one who will RUNNNNNN at the sight of him, and he rarely sees her lol. If he does give chase it's over in 2 seconds because she's so fast.
Another cat, teases him allllllllll the time. She's an attention seeker and is always in the room with any humans. She'll walk right past his nose and then hiss and smack him when he gets interested. Toby gets very interested in her and will jump up at sofas etc, but when he's told to stop he generally does.
Our third cat is a bit of an old man. His attitude is basically sit still and don't take any of his crap. :wink: Toby sniffs, prods, sits with, licks, and Willow does nothing, just puts up with it. Probably partly because he's a lazy old man. But if Toby crosses the line, he'll get a smack. Sometimes I find them just sitting nicely with each other lol!

Re: Persecuting the cat

Posted: 09 Apr 2009, 16:33
by annej
Hi, thanks for responses. The cat, Mishka, is a mixture of slightly taunting the dog by roaming around in front of him and rushing off and of course Otto cannot catch him but then being a bit scared too when Otto suddenly appears unexpectedly. My biggest concern, as mentioned, is that the dog is obviously going to get bigger and heavier and I worry he may inadvertently seriously hurt the cat. I tried the long rope on collar thing which obviously worked when I was around and it was on him, but of course he's not stupid !

I did try to post a pic of Otto by clicking on Img above, but did not know what to do then....!

Re: Persecuting the cat

Posted: 10 Apr 2009, 08:16
by janettehamman

Our Holly is now 14 months old and we have 2 cats. They are rescue cats and both were pretty timid, one more so than the other. The cats have lived on our landing and have this are their space as they are safe as there is a stair gate. I can tell you that things are now calming down in our house and it is a matter of time. Ours cats would run and she would chase them. I notice that she didnt really know what to do when she got near one and just seem to want to play so not sure about advice on the jumping on them but a firm off to let him know you are not happy or a light tap on the nose would be my advice.

I thought it would never work out but I think it does eventually. There is still the hissing and odd confrontation and to be honest the cats still doesnt venture into our lounge often but are happy in their own space. Another thing is we bought though beds that hook over the radiators for them so they are off the ground, they love them and seem to feel safer when Holly comes up the stairs with me.

By the way to put the pics on you need to upload to a website called and safe to you computer then you can pick these up when uploading in your signature avitar, it is complicated a takes a while to sort, I still cants do the small avitar pic at the side. I had advice from Rosy and Toby for some of this if you look at old posts you may see.

Good luck

Re: Persecuting the cat

Posted: 12 Apr 2009, 17:28
by fish

we had a similar problem with our dood (Ripley) when she was a pup. I know others have said this, but they will find a way of being together as your pup grows up. our cat has (almost!) grown used to Ripley trying to lick her b*m.. :? , and now just swipes her nose with her paw. the dog just wags at her...

the other thing we did was keep a chain nearby, and when the dog started going to lick the cat, we would rattle the chain loudly which would distract her..we'd then call her over to us, and reward her recall with a treat... this has reduced the amount of b*m-licking!!!!