Becoming rebellious?.....

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Becoming rebellious?.....

Post by Newtodogs » 14 Apr 2015, 23:07

Our little Milo is now a big boy, it must be 10 months since I came here for advice. He's 14 months now and has been a model pup! He does little wrong and comes back when called until now! We've always let him play with other dogs and he plays with exuberance which can scare little dogs sometimes. He's had a few dogs turn on him and he usually gets the message and just comes running back, all just part of growing up.
We live opposite roaming fields and I've always loved taking him on there to run his energy off. More people seem to be on there lately and I've become more wary of which dogs are running free like Milo. He usually comes back to me when I whistle or shake his little biscuit box but the last week or so he just point blank ignores me or the wife! More worryingly he has legged off across a 300m field twice to play with a dog he's spotted in the last couple of days. Yesterday he chased through a hedge across a huge field after two big staffies that were lose and I didn't know them. Today he chased off after a tiny pup which he scared to death and when I finally got to him he kept running away after the pup which the poor owner had picked up to keep out of his way. This is very unlike him unless were playing with a toy etc. I was furious with him, were best mates he usually dotes on me and does as he's told, I even walk him off the lead around our streets when it's quiet and he's like glue next to me.
I know it's confusing for him that sometimes he can play and sometimes he can't but he usually looks at me for permission?
He's just started cocking his leg and is fit and strong, perhaps he's a testosterone filled rebellious teenager? What is the best way to re assert my authority? Is it impossible at his age? Maybe he's going to just be a lead dog for a while? We'd all hate that.... :|

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Re: Becoming rebellious?.....

Post by kathiedoodle » 15 Apr 2015, 15:34

Hi Milo and your worried owners, I know you will get some good advice on the forum, I have. 2 1/2 year old female so the hormonal male is not what I understand. All I can say is Holly entered teenage time with a new wilful "I will not do anything I used to, I know it all attitude, and I'm deaf" that surprised me and infuriated me at times. I took her back to basics, lots of lead training and recalls, I dared not chase after her as it became a wonderful game, with a mad woman in hot pursuit. When I wanted to strangle her for misbehaving and showing ME up, I had instead to be sweet and congratulatory for her sluggish wilful return to me. It was at that stage I started whistle training with really juicy treats, I got fed up sounding like a fish wife over the hills,( my apologies to any fishermen's wives!) it was just another phase like child rearing you have to survive it till next one and believe me doodles have plenty, but they are a fabulous breed and quick to learn and change. So back to basics , on lead when straying too far away and being wilful, if there's no other reason and you seem to be happy with health etc. good luck.

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Re: Becoming rebellious?.....

Post by Sarahdol75 » 15 Apr 2015, 17:51

Harley is nearly 14 months old, and he is on a long lead, as he will do exactly like you say, just run off over the fields to another dog. We have a long 25ft horse line, so he can still run and play, but if I can sense he is going to bolt, I can catch the lead.

I have tried everything, and he just completely ignores me.

Good luck.

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Re: Becoming rebellious?.....

Post by Coco and Annie » 15 Apr 2015, 18:02

Hello there

My Coco is also 14 months. She seemed to have turned a corner over the past few weeks and seems to be a little more mature, but before then she was as you described. She has total cloth ears. Now she will generally return to me if I catch her early enough. Chasing deer is another matter though, I have lost her for a full 10 minutes on one occasion.

I think perserverance is the trick and your dood will grow out of it.

Annie and Coco

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Re: Becoming rebellious?.....

Post by Curious George » 15 Apr 2015, 20:30

George was exactly the same. Just lots of consistent training and he seems to be maturing now, although still has his odd moment!
Rhea & George



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Re: Becoming rebellious?.....

Post by Bid » 16 Apr 2015, 07:46

Yep - those teenage doodles are a challenge! They can upset a lot of people, especially if they are large dogs. Milo has probably had things a bit too much his own way, being allowed to run up to other dogs. and is now pushing the boundaries to see what he can get away with. Kathiedoole is spot on with her back to basics suggestion - even back to class. I too introduced a whistle at this stage, and some extra tasty treats to go with it. Beamish also has a special ball that only goes on walks - he loves it and when it is in my pocket he won't go anywhere. I use it sparingly so a game with it is a special treat. Annoyingly it ia a very large pocket ball and extrememly inconvenient to take on walks but for some reason it is special to Beam :roll:
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