Is This Normal Behaviour?

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Is This Normal Behaviour?

Post by Lawsyd » 03 Sep 2015, 08:16

Our puppy, Sooty, aged 9 weeks at the time, joined our family last Thursday. For the first few days, Sooty was sweetness & light - training was going well (she learned her name & learned the command 'Sit!'). She was also sleeping quite well in a semi rigid cage at the side of our bed. Friends & relatives love her.

Last night was horrendous. Sooty didn't sleep well - crying much of the night. She is also starting to take liberties - nipping us if we won't give her the toy she wants, when she wants it. She also thinks that it is alright to get on her hind legs to chew at the coffee table.

Adolescent high jinks, or naughty girl with issues?

Any thoughts are welcome.

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Re: Is This Normal Behaviour?

Post by annabell22 » 03 Sep 2015, 10:58

Definitely normal. Please dont start to think you have a monster on your hands otherwise you will read too much into everything she does and start to think she does things personally to make life difficult for you. shes only a baby and doesnt have thoughts like that.
In terms of toys we have a box that we keep on the shelf and we rotate the toys we have out for monty to play with every few days. From the ones out he can play with any one he likes. Im not sure how she is nipping when she doesnt get the one she wants. Are you letting her have access and then taking them away when she gets them?
Monty was quite simialr as a pup int hat the first few weeks were surprsingly easy and he behaved well. He soon became more curious about everything though and started to get a personality as he grew more confident. It could be this is whats happening here. He recently discovered he could jump on his hind legs and look over table tops and benches. He too has done this to get his chops on something interesting he can see. We make a loud noise to distract him and tell him no. Eventually they will get the message of what its acceptable and what isnt. When Sooty nips be sure to look away from here and have no intereaction until she is calm again and ready to play on your terms.
Monty also went through a phase of crying in the night when he never used to. He was a little older when we got him though, at 16 weeks, so we knew he could manage through the night so we perservered and ignored him. Not sure if you have to get up for your pup. I imagine it would be more difficult to ignore if you arent sure if they need to do their business.
Its only been a few weeks since she has been with you and these difficult phases wont last forever so please dont be down about it. Just accept she will be naughty as she doesnt know her boundaries yet. Its up to you to teach them over the coming months.

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Re: Is This Normal Behaviour?

Post by Lawsyd » 03 Sep 2015, 11:15

Thanks annabell for the reassurance that Sooty is just going through a phase. When you are out of bed at 4-00 a.m. wondering if it's a toilet break that's needed or food or just human contact you do get worries. Thankfully I'm retired & on a two month break from my voluntary job - so being tired through the day is not a problem for me. Ironically, since about 7-00 a.m. Sooty has slept for all but about half an hour, so her early morning exploits must have exhausted her.

I'm assuming that Sooty will calm down a bit more once she can, from two weeks tomorrow, go out on 'proper' walks & meet other dogs?

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Re: Is This Normal Behaviour?

Post by Coco and Annie » 03 Sep 2015, 11:40

That's a great post Annabel.

Yes, all totally normal (I have an eight month old and 1 1/5 year old. Try wiping citronella oil on woodwork you don't want chewed.

The nipping stage normally dissipates by 5 months naturally. She's trying to test her boundaries by the sound of it which is normal for a smart, confident, healthy pup.

I wouldn't pander to her too much at night as it sounds like she's learnt how to get your attention. If you need to take her out, do so on the lead and avoid all eye contact/ cuddles so she isn't rewarded.

Keep going as the phase does pass quickly.

I am now experiencing 8 month adolescence which again is hard going.

Enjoy your puppy days as they pass so quickly.

Annie, Coco and Yoshi x

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Re: Is This Normal Behaviour?

Post by Bid » 03 Sep 2015, 14:53

Just a quick word about the nipping - it isn't really something you leave to go away, as it is an important training point. They need to learn what is called "bite inhibition" so that when they are adults with a full set of sparkling teeth and strong jaws, they can control their bite when you accidentally tread on a tail or similar. The other day Beamish had a sore paw which I didn't know about when I went to clip his claws, and in a flash his mouth was round my arm, but he has excellent bite inhibition so his jaw froze without applying any pressure. If he hadn't learned that as pup I would have been bitten.

Pups start to learn when playing with their littermates, and carry one once they get home with us. Ian Dunbar has written loads of articles about it - this is just one but you can find others easily.... ... inhibition

Pups often have a sort of wild biting frenzy at bedtime which I think of as a tantrum when they are too tired - that is when I put them to bed in their pen or crate with a frozen stuffed kong and they gradually fall asleep licking it.
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Re: Is This Normal Behaviour?

Post by Doodle Dee » 03 Sep 2015, 18:14

I cant add anything else other than I learned about citronella quite late, that is after she chewed our bannisters and anything else she liked the look of (she was only crated at night for around three hours). Then went on to brushes etc. They do grow out of it, I look at it like bringing up children it is all a phase.

The do lull you into a false sense of security - so please don't worry, they are pups. The nipping isn't good though and I shouted ouch very loud each time and it worked on her but not on all dogs, you need to find what works for you.

Then when you think they are trained they go through the teenage stage.

Then they seem to find their forte so it is all good fun.
Lulu & Dx


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