Bolshie dog!

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Bolshie dog!

Post by kimberleyone » 21 Sep 2015, 09:25

I have a problem with Mundesley which has been becoming a nuisance over the past few months and is beginning to worry me. Before we moved to N Norfolk, he was mainly walked in the local park, both on and off the lead. He had several doggie friends as we all walked at the same time. He had an on/off spat with a GS bitch, but she was a bit old and he can be boisterous at the best of times, but she was putting him straight so no real problem there. The problem is - he is fine with dogs he knows, but when he meets a dog he doesn't know he rushes over to them and is very bouncy. This will be on or off the lead. When on the lead he is barely controllable for me. A lot of dogs resent this and become defensive which makes him worse. The whole thing then descends into a growling frenzy. There has been no biting YET but I am not sure that this won't come. The whole thing is even worse when the other dog is on a lead and he isn't (on the beach for example). Muns is a hefty strong dog and I struggle to control him when he is like this. It is embarrassing at best. It spoils any walks we go on and I am beginning to have "radar" switched on and go in the opposite direction when I see another dog in the distance!! He is 4 and a half, was neutered at 2 years, does more for hubby than me, recall is good as long as another dog isn't on the horizon. I have tried having treats on the go when we approach another dog but these are ignored. I really don't know what to do next. Anyone have any ideas????

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Re: Bolshie dog!

Post by dexysback » 21 Sep 2015, 10:00

I feel for you ,dexter is calm most of the time ,but if he sees a dog that he wants to play with he goes running over and it is scary seeing a big dog running full speed at you not knowing if he's a nice dog .Just yesterday I got a lead burn of dexter all across my fingers cause he saw horses in a field .Plus sometimes when he is playing with he's friends and I tell him too come on lead he just barks at me and ignores me likes he's deifying me ,but with my partner he comes straight away for him ,I feel a fool like iv got no control over him at all ,and I am the one who disciplines him.

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Re: Bolshie dog!

Post by Bid » 21 Sep 2015, 21:26

Beamish is the same (same age too, and neutered at the same age). I have trained and trained the "leave it" command - it feels a bit rude calling someome's precious pet "it" but the command does work, as long as my timing is right - usually when I say "leave it" Beam will turn to look at me, and if at that second I say "yes!" he will come to me and get a reward. If I miss it then he is gone.
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