Overexcited pup!

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Overexcited pup!

Post by Miajhfox » 03 Oct 2015, 19:47


My 4 month old puppy moe I am struggling to control when he gets excited particularly with strangers and other dogs.

If a stranger asks to stroke him in the street (i do warn them he is still quite jumpy) he gets really excited but then tries to literally climb up me!

If we are in someone's house with another dog he again gets very excited and chases the other dogs around the house jumping on them, he does the same if we are walking with other dogs and he just does not come to me when I call him.

When it is just us he does not jump up me, not even when I come through the door, and he comes to me whenever I call him on a walk.

We have some toddlers and babies in my family and I am quite nervous he will jump up them and hurt them.

Any tips?
Mia, Joe & Moe


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Re: Overexcited pup!

Post by Bid » 03 Oct 2015, 21:26

Do you go to training classes? They are great places to master the calm greeting, as everyone there is willing to help. When you meet people outside they very rarely help - just say "Oh I don't mind" as your pup leaps up and down. In class people are very willing to ignore jumpy pups until they have all 4 paws on the ground.
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Re: Overexcited pup!

Post by Ianto! » 03 Oct 2015, 22:30

Hi, welcome to the forum... Our first pup, Ianto, always got super-excited whenever he saw people, resulting in him jumping up (and as Bid says, they were no help often saying, "I don't mind." Which was nice of them, but didn't help with training...) One tip I was given was to use a training lead (such as the Halti training lead) which you can clip to different lengths. When we saw people, I would stand on the lead which effectively stopped him from being able to jump... I use the word 'Off'. I now always explain to people that not everyone likes a dog to jump at them, especially when he's wet and muddy. If that doesn't work, I let him jump on them when he is! :wink:
Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

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Re: Overexcited pup!

Post by Doodle Dee » 04 Oct 2015, 13:59

My advice? Hmmmmm

Nip it in the bud quickly - Lulu still does it. Those people that say its not a problem may well be having treats in their pockets and don't always share.

I am trying to solve this by calling her to me with her own nice treats before she gets to the other person, especially if I don't know who they are. Those that know her are quite good.

She now responds to a whistle (have no idea how she learned that) and will turn round when I blow it and she knows she will get a treat

Good luck
Lulu & Dx


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