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1 year old pulling on lead

Posted: 10 Jun 2016, 20:15
by 58frogs
New to this forum and first post (apart from in the Introductions page).

Our one year old Labradoodle is very obedient normally but consistently pulls on the lead when out for a walk. We've tried one of those special harnesses to stop pulling, which worked to a degree, but tended to roll her thick fur into knots frequently. We've also tried praise for good walking (which doesn't happen that often unfortunately) and the old trick of stopping, going back a few paces and trying again whenever she pulls really hard.

Any good tips or tricks?

Re: 1 year old pulling on lead

Posted: 10 Jun 2016, 21:32
by Bid
Imo there is no really effective alternative to the stopping method. It is incredibly boring and you have to be 100% consistent but as long as you stop as soon as there is pressure on the lead, and call her back to the heel position it does work (eventually). If you need to get somewhere in a hurry with her, go by car while training so she doesn;t get the chance to practice pulling.

I have done this with all three of mine and they all walk nicely on a flat collar and lead. I still haven't mastered Beamish lunging at dogs he knows, which is a work in progress though!

There are head collars available, and non-pull harnesses and some of them do work, but they all seem to work by making it uncomfortable for the dog, so I think that if possible they should be used as a temporary thing.

Re: 1 year old pulling on lead

Posted: 11 Jun 2016, 10:06
by We5Kings
We had problems with pulling but have pretty much cracked it with the "be a post" method! Meaning we just stop at the first hint of pulling. It's a bit tedious at first but it's really worth while. I always have my left pocket full of treats too and Dude walks at my left side ( lead in right hand) We use a flat leather lead ( never use an extending lead) Anny

Re: 1 year old pulling on lead

Posted: 11 Jun 2016, 14:22
by linny
A pulling dog is a pain isn't it.
I had surgery on my elbow and just didn't want any pulling so with my dogs I used a headcollar ...Dogmatic......I used it as a training aid and in time was able to change over to a normal collar and lead.
Here is a link

Re: 1 year old pulling on lead

Posted: 12 Jun 2016, 19:54
by dexysback
I have big dog ad i use gentle leader,i find it good and easy to put on and off.

Re: 1 year old pulling on lead

Posted: 14 Jun 2016, 20:15
by 58frogs
Thanks for your help and advice. I think we'll try the "be a post" method for a while and see what becomes.