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Still Mouthing at 9 1/2 months!!

Posted: 22 Sep 2016, 09:54
by KatyM
Long time no see!!

Winnie is doing great! She coped really well while we were away for a couple of weeks in the summer holidays. We missed her so much. So glad to get back to her. :D

She is doing so well in so many areas. But she still mouths us! Not sure if this is normal for a pup her age (9 1/2 months). It is not often and usually me! She has great bite inhibition, she never bites down. But she does use her mouth on us, all be it gently. I would really like to teach her not to use her mouth on skin at all. Any advise on how I can do this? Also if we meet someone she knows when we are out for a walk, she gets all excited around them and if they have loose fitting clothes like a skirt she bites at it. When she has finally calmed down and is being good I praise her.

Thanks Folks.

Re: Still Mouthing at 9 1/2 months!!

Posted: 24 Sep 2016, 08:23
by Bid
Daisy is a mouther, and like Winnie there is no pressure there, but it is a problem especially if she meets someone very elderly as they have such paper thin skin - my FIL is 96 and she greeted him with her mouth and he bled terribly, and is now convincwd that she is a vicious dog :-( The best I can suggest is to stop all attention the second teeth touch skin andwalk away from her. You need everyone in the family to do exactly the same, every time for it to work.

Daze also used to nip at skirts - I think they were a novelty because I never wear them! She seemed to grow out of that, though I can't remember when.

Re: Still Mouthing at 9 1/2 months!!

Posted: 24 Sep 2016, 20:26
by Doodle Dee
Lulu mouths my daughter and granddaughter. Sometimes my husband. Never me. It is cos I totally ignore her and they don't. I blame them. I just totally ignore her and get on with things. The others just shout at her So more fool them She doesn't do it to strangers just them.

Re: Still Mouthing at 9 1/2 months!!

Posted: 26 Sep 2016, 00:40
by Pollydoodle
You could perhaps try encourage her to carry a soft toy instead or 'go get your toy' when she comes to say hello, may be worth a try.