Defiant Doodle!

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Re: Defiant Doodle!

Post by doodlebug » 02 Nov 2007, 17:33

hi - we have had the same problems with Ben - fine till he sees something more interesting!!

Then we met a lady on a walk with her black doodle - her bredder has trained the doodle from birth to come to a whistle at every meal time. This she used when out and gave a treat ( extra special one) each time- I was amazed - it worked!!

We have been doing it with ben when i need him in from the garden and food times and it works!! Not yet 100% out of the home environment but getting there!


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Re: Defiant Doodle!

Post by Sooty » 06 Nov 2007, 22:39

Mac will usually come but in emergencies i run in the opposite direction. Cheese strips work well too. I do tend to let him off where the other dog folk know him though.

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Re: Defiant Doodle!

Post by tinks2412 » 20 Nov 2007, 20:54

Hi Everyone
Monty is the same as everyone else's dood - at home he is very good
when he is out and other dogs are about he turns into "Demon Doodle" :twisted: :twisted:
I was out with him on my own not long ago in big open field we were happily walking along enjoying our time together when he took off like a gazelle !!! - I called and called and called but he was gone nowhere to be seen - at first I thought o well too bad then panic set in and then I was walking round the field like a loon screaming his name still no sign , then I phoned my hubby crying my eyes out saying I had lost monty, I looked round and as I did I seen him in the distance looking at me, I called him and he came back !!! :x :x :x :x I wanted to murder him but refrained this time !! but I was so angry that he ran off and sad at the same time.....
He is 18 months old he is getting better still really hard work but we keep persevering he is good at home when we ask him to do something sit, stand , down high five etc but recall NAH !! HE AINT LISTENING !!
O well never mind just keep plodding on !
liz x

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Re: Defiant Doodle!

Post by kATE » 24 Nov 2007, 22:13

:lol: as predicted Maizee is going through her 'defiant stage' she is due in season any day now !!

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Re: Defiant Doodle!

Post by DizzyDora » 25 Nov 2007, 01:38

:lol: Been having same problems with Kona again and yes
she has just started her season, so I guess I could blame that! :roll:
We will just have to see in a few weeks time eh! :mrgreen:
But I won't be holding my breath just in case :!:

Dizzy & Kona

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Re: Defiant Doodle!

Post by peterannben » 27 Nov 2007, 18:47

well my pip is a male dog , and he has just started acting up,,he has never pulled on the lead before , or jumped up at strangers , now he does , we had anightmare time with him on sunday , we took him for his walk , with my 4 year old son and grandaugther, there were quite a few people out in the park so i decided to use his extender lead , well he just bolted and took the lead to its limit circled my grandaughter , i couldnt retract the lead , he then practically clothes lined my son,annxx

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Re: Defiant Doodle!

Post by AnnaCostaire » 30 Nov 2007, 23:18

Hate to shock you lot, but M at 3 years probably wouldnt recall in an open space! But simply coz she hasn't had the experience! Living on a farm she has never been 'walked' like other dogs - apart from round the roads and to the village on the lead as a pup to aclimatise -(sp?). She used to be horrendous round the farm and if she got into any of the fields, well, I might simply not have existed. When she was about a year old we went to the village fete/dog show. My g/daughter took charge of M while I returned back to the car for something. On meeting up again we got to about 50 feet of each other, M was straining to greet me, so I called her and g/daughter let her go. She launched into me as if to say Hi, then took off, flat out lead trailing. Luckily the angels were with her as she ran straight into the children's playground which was fenced, and we closed the gate! If she had missed this gateway she would have continued some 50 yards through a large open gap in the fence and straight onto a busy A road, thick with traffic!! Even then it took us several minutes to catch her in the confines of the playground. I felt so sick I can tell you, and still have nightmares over what if ..... But this is what she has been like most of her life. Let loose she just runs flat out looking neither right or left. All due, I think, to the fact that she never learnt about 'freedom' as a pup??
Now as a 3 y.o. and after a year at our 'new' farm, she will recall when we walk the fields, plus she always watches to see where I am. But our 60 acres does have a completely secure perimeter fence so she is safe, and she is a lot steadier now she's matured, in fact she's a different dog.
Mind you I'm not too sure I would want to free walk her in the thousands of acres of forest that surround us LOL!!
I breed miniature horses and am owned by a doodle called M who is the best thing since sliced bread.

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