Caring couple looking for playmate for Hettie

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Caring couple looking for playmate for Hettie

Post by eileen » 05 Jan 2007, 15:29

Hi, I'm Eileen and I'm new to the site. We have a sweet natured black lab called Hettie who is three and looking for a playmate. We have had labs for over 30 years and previously had 2 dogs together. We live in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, in a house with a large garden in a small hamlet. We are just a mile from the coast and take Hettie on regular walks on the nearby beaches. We are at home all day as we run a B&B and have no children (other than our grandchildren). I would like to give a labradoodle a good home. I don't mind whether it's a puppy or an older dog & am quite willing to wait until one comes along. Hope someone out there can help!

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Post by susiegill » 05 Jan 2007, 18:45


Hi Eileen and welcome to the site

May I say what a beautiful part of the courntry you live in. I have been visiting Pembrokeshire for holidays on and off for the last 32 years!

We usually stay in the Tenby/Saundersfoot areas.

Haven't managed to get there with our Doodle yet, she's only 6 months old and suffers from car sickness :cry: Can't wait to take her down there when hopefully she gets over this phase :?:

Good luck with your search for a Labradoodle!!!!
Susan, Rosie & Molly

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Friend for Hettie.

Post by Elendili » 05 Jan 2007, 19:40

Hello Eileen,

Welcome to the Forum. I hope you find a friend for Hettie,

You are the first to know, that I have just reserved my pup, and I am so excited. :D :D :D The mum should have them around 17th Feb..and it will be an F3.

I also Love Saundersfoot and Tenby, and Hopefully we will be there this year with our new pup. We usually stay at Saundersfoot Bay Leisure Park, it has the most wonderful walk down to the beach through a gorgeous wooded area, and then opens on to the beach....fantastic.
It also helps that our parents live in Llandowror, just by St. Clears, you have to drive through it to get to Saundersfoot & Tenby.

Good luck in your looking, there is so much to look at on this forum and so much help and advice, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Regards Jenn

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Post by eileen » 23 Jan 2007, 12:19

Thanks to Chris in North Wales we now have a beautiful black, 4mths old labradoodle. She's settling in really well and is a really good girl. Hettie's not sure what's hit her! Thanks for the kind wishes. Eileen.

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Post by Bean » 23 Jan 2007, 15:41

Oh thats so exciting, hope Hettie manages to cope, our 3 yr old dog has had some major adjustments to make now we have Bean (4 months) but they have settled into a routine or wrestling, walking, eating and sleeping now. Congratulations!!! Any pics? would love to see them together.

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Post by itsmeisitu2 » 23 Jan 2007, 16:21

I know of a labrador that needs rehoming

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