We want a puppy... HELP!!!!!

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Post by Nance » 19 Mar 2007, 08:59


We finally found a breeder we all liked and the puppie that we want will arrive in 9 weeks. :D It's a stonecellars litter. Thank you so very much for your support, I will keep you informed about how it is all going.

And sorry for my reaction. I'm also member of a rat forum in Holland and when those members react like that they really mean to be rude.

Can't wait till we have her!!!!! I don't live at home anymore so she will also be living with me when my parents are going away. A dog on loan :P And with me she will grow acustomed to trains, busses a busy university etc. Does anyone know if Doodles and rats go well together? I thought that doodles didn't have that really strong hunting instinct anymore? I won't let them be alone by themselves and they live in a cage. But I don't want my rats to get a heartattack...
Does anyone know this?

Greetz Nancy

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Carole g
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Post by Carole g » 19 Mar 2007, 10:03

You might be amused to hear that I had two dogs with me all the way through University, they went to all my lectures, behaved impeccably or it wouldnt have been possible, and even lived in hall for a while. The university authorities, in those much more freewheeling days, said I had to have the support of everyone in my lectures and accommodation and there was a 100% positive response which rather surprised them. I may even have a picture somewhere.
ALWAYS visit the premises and see mum with pup. There are no excuses!

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Post by Labradorable » 19 Mar 2007, 13:36

Awww that's wonderful news Nance. When are you going to meet Carol Shaw and her dogs and your new puppy?

Hope it all works out for you allergy wise. It's a long way to travel to find out you could possibly suffer an allergic reaction to Carol's dogs but If you don't make the trip then you'll never know, so definitely worth the effort seeing as you obviously want a puppy so much.

Hope it all works out for you, and for Carol of course. Would be awful for her if she had to take the puppy back should the worst happen - long journey LOL, but positive thoughts and hopefully you will be fine :D

Good Luck with your new blonde baby, I'm sure she will be adorable :D

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Post by foxie68 » 19 Mar 2007, 13:39

Congratulations Nance - hope it all works out for you and your folks.

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Post by CAROL SHAW » 20 Mar 2007, 00:00

Nance and her family can visit Stonecellars dogs which are already in Holland we all agree that the family may be fine with them but not necessarily with the puppy they get although if there is a problem I have sound contacts in Holland to rehome although god fobid this is not necessary in 10 years of breeding this has happened once.

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Post by Sharon » 20 Mar 2007, 00:09

CAROL SHAW wrote: in 10 years of breeding this has happened once.
That is reassuring to know Carol. 8)

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