Looking for a Labradoodle in the North West

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Looking for a Labradoodle in the North West

Post by Primus » 01 Apr 2007, 21:49

Hi All

I am new to the site....

I am looking to get a Labradoodle to become part of our family. :D :D

I am based in Manchester and would like some advice on where I can get my Labradoodle from. I would prefer if someone could recomend a breeder. I am due to go on holiday at the end of June for 2 weeks, so would like to take my puppy home after my holiday, as I wouldn't want to get my puppy and then go away 4 weeks later, it wouldn't be fair.....

Kind regards


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Post by foxie68 » 01 Apr 2007, 22:03

Hi Primus

There are some breeders who post on here who live in the North West, I've found them to be very helpful.

It may be worth posting a few more personal details about yourself, i.e. who is in your family, why you've decdided a labradoodle is the right dog for you. Why not introduce yourself on the introductions section of the threads?

It's just the breeders on here really care about their dogs and want to make sure that they will be going to a loving and caring home.

I'm new to this site and have yet to get my own 'dood', however, I found that the people on these threads are very helpful and willing to answer any questions you may have.

So good luck and I hope you find the right dood real soon.

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Post by Primus » 01 Apr 2007, 22:47

Thanks for the information, I have done that....
Looking forward to getting my Girl......

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deb Beasor
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Post by deb Beasor » 02 Apr 2007, 12:36


My breeder lives in Weymouth she has 2 labradoodle bitches, ( 1 chocolate other black) that she is intending to mate in June so if all goes well, ready Oct-Nov, black doodles will be F2s they produced blacks & creams last year & chocolate will be mini doods.

If you would like her no please pm me.

This is Roxy now 9mths
Good luck


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mini labradoodle from good breeder wanted

Post by lj@csmith » 02 Apr 2007, 17:09

I have been looking for breeders in the north west too, we would like a mini labradoodle, but so far not found any to advise they all seem to be over 2 hours away.
the nearest i have found is a place called foxie gun dogs in south yorkshire.
Dont give up though, hope you find your puppy soon!

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