Rehoming my big boy

Please use this section for listing details of any dogs that need rehoming. This area is not for posting details of litters/puppies - any such adverts will be removed.
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Rehoming my big boy

Post by Weealex » 21 Sep 2012, 23:54

Due to circumstances i.e.promotion/extra hours at work, we have been struggling to balance Coopers walks and time he spends with us, he is a big loveable boy just about to turn 1, a wee bit hyper and excitable, but so cute and loveable, if you know of anyone in central Scotland that can give him a good home please let me know.

He has a good recall and is better off lead than on lead, he loves a fuss getting made of him, and he has been neutered, all vaccinations, flea and worming up to date.

It is a very hard decision to give him up, but due to increase of hours at work due to promotion, we feel he has suffered over the past couple of months, and hope we can find a good active family for him to join,

:( Alex

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Re: Rehoming my big boy

Post by MrsAdmin » 22 Sep 2012, 06:28

There is the Labradoodle Trust who may be help able to but they are up to their eyes in Doodles I know :(

At least they can give advice on how to check anyone for homing, what to look out for etc.

Thankfully you have him neutered so he can't be bred from.

I'll cross post to Doodles n Poodles as there are some Scottish Doodlers there who might have some contacts looking in the area.

Hope he finds a lovely home soon. Do you have any photos of him?

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Re: Rehoming my big boy

Post by Mica1971 » 22 Sep 2012, 13:31

Please contact Barb at the Labradoodle Trust ifuare looking to rehome him. I live in Falkirk and I know there are a few excellent dog walkers in the aqea, have you thot about that as a way to maybe keeping him?

Hope you can sort things soon x


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