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Labradoodle rehoming

Posted: 30 Jan 2014, 22:50
by Monty25
Hello, I am new to this forum and am after some advice please. Last week I rescued a Labradoodle that was due to be put to sleep (he was found as a stray in our local city centre) I have no doubt they would have destroyed him as various other dogs in the same pound were destroyed between the few days from me seeing him to actually taking him from the rescue. I have named him Monty, he really is the loveliest dog I have ever known. Monty is exceptionally friendly, loves everyone, shows no aggression and has a perfect nature about him. The reason i believe he was abandoned is because he has a wonky leg. The rescue centre did not get the vet to check this out so I have taken Monty to see 2 orthopaedic vet specialists and Monty has a deviated carpus. This can be fixed but will cost approx £1,500. I have also had Monty microchipped, wormed, given flea treatment but cannot have him vaccinated as he's just finishing antibiotics due to kennel cough (the 'rescue centre' did nothing for him...they didn't even home check me). The main area that is concerning me now is that I work full time so Monty would be on his own for a minimum 6 hours per day (I can work from home for a few hours per day) and also I wouldn't be able to support Monty after his operation in terms of being at home all day. I am wondering if people on this forum believe that it would be better to re-home Monty in an environment where someone will be able to spend more time with him during the day as he really does love being with people I believe. I took a week off as holiday this week to settle Monty in and sort all the vet activities out and it's clear he loves being in human company. I do not regret taking him from the 'rescue' as they would have destroyed him but I don't know what to do for the best. It upsets me just thinking about him not being here but the most important thing is what is best for Monty, please can anyone offer their thoughts?
Thank you.

Re: Labradoodle rehoming

Posted: 30 Jan 2014, 23:06
by Douglas
it sounds like you have a new friend. could you not get a dog walker to do either two half hour walks or a one hour walk around midday then you would be able to keep him.
regardless of the outcome the dog was lucky to have you in its life.

Re: Labradoodle rehoming

Posted: 30 Jan 2014, 23:12
by Phoebe11
What a wonderful person you are! You don't say what sort of age Monty is?
I am sure someone will come along and give you the advice you need there are more than a few really knowledgeable people on this site :D

I'm lucky with my two as, although I work full time OH works part time alternative weeks and then on nights so there is normally someone home.

My sister has a doodle and she (the dog) goes to doggy day care as they both work full time but give her all the love she needs in the evening.

To me it sounds as if you can offer Monty a brilliant life - have you considered getting someone to pop in for 30 mins a day whilst you are at work?
I have a lot of respect for you - you have already done a lot for him

Whereabouts are you someone on here may offer an hour of their day if you are local to them as everybody is so lovely. Good luck :D

Re: Labradoodle rehoming

Posted: 30 Jan 2014, 23:14
by Nicky
Hi, Well done for saving Monty! Sounds to me like you can cover all his needs financially lets face it most of us have to work to be able to afford a dog. If you really want to keep him Id suggest employing a dog walker to come in once a day for an hour for either a walk if he can or some company. Im a dog walker and a few of my clients work full time.

Regarding post op care, can you take a couple of weeks off to check he is okay and till stitches come out. Sounds like Monty has a great home and with some help I dont see why you cant keep him. When our dog had his amputation my hubby had two weeks off and im lucky as my son is home during the day for him whilst I work. My son says Dexter sleeps whilst im at work and knows when I return its walk time!. Good luck:)

Re: Labradoodle rehoming

Posted: 30 Jan 2014, 23:15
by Douglas
I just noticed you are from the west mids. if you live in the solihull or surrounding area I am a professional dogwalker and dogtrainer I would walk your dog at a reduced rate if that is of any help to you.

Re: Labradoodle rehoming

Posted: 30 Jan 2014, 23:17
by Bid
I think it's great that you are thinking of this. I do think that 6 hours is too long to leave a dog on a regular basis, but it needn't mean re-homing Monty. As already suggested, getting a friend/relative/neighbour to pop in for some company and to let him in the garden is one option, or getting a dog walker to give him a good walk during the day would also work. I do hope you can sort something out so he can stay with you :D

Re: Labradoodle rehoming

Posted: 30 Jan 2014, 23:22
by Monty25
Hello, thank you everyone for your responses they really are lovely and the fact you have taken time to respond is very much appreciated as I have been worrying all week about this.
The vets believe Monty is around 18 months to 2 years old, he is still like a puppy though! I live between Nottingham and Derby but thank you very much Douglas for your most kind offer, if we lived closer I would have bitten your hand off!
You have all given me some wonderful advice, I will look into Doggy daycare and also I'll see if there are any dog walkers in this area.
Work is very frantic at the moment as I am the only person covering my area due to people handing their notice in and taking voluntary redundancy, all I can do though is ask to take the holiday and see what their response is.
Thank you again.

Re: Labradoodle rehoming

Posted: 30 Jan 2014, 23:45
by Bid
If you are looking for a dogwalker, you can try googling as a lot have websites, or ask at your vets - I have put my cards with all the local vets and get quite a few enquiries that way so I know it works!

Re: Labradoodle rehoming

Posted: 31 Jan 2014, 00:17
by Liz!!
Good luck with Monty - thank goodness he wasn't pts!

Labradoodles really are fabulous dogs as you have discovered...

Re: Labradoodle rehoming

Posted: 31 Jan 2014, 08:10
by suebedo
We have 2 doods and I went back to work in October. I took several months off to get the puppies past the initial puppy stages but then had to work to pay the mortgage (shame that :shock: ).

We are both out all day but have a dog walker come in every day to take them out for a lovely walk. They are walked for an hour but because they are taken out with other dogs there is the pick up and drop off time. It means that they are with her for up to 2 hours every day which puts my mind at rest that they have company even if some of it is driving around in the van.

Things I looked for is safe secure transport for the dogs, insurance and dog qualifications. This was purely to ensure I got someone who was serious about looking after my dogs, and had planned what they would do and how they would work.

It has worked brilliantly, my OH popped home one day at about picking up time. The greeting the dogs gave our dog walker was better than I get!!!!!! They love her :D

It does mean additional cost though and we are paying £15 per day for our walking. Most dog walkers round here appear to have a similar price structure with discounts for 2nd dog and 5 days per week.

It works really well for us (until I can give up work that is :D )

Re: Labradoodle rehoming

Posted: 31 Jan 2014, 09:38
by MandyG
Well done you!!!

All the advice about dog walkers is good and when I was working and out of the house for up to 9 hours at a time, I had a walker come in to play/walk Phoebe.

But it seems to me your main problem is the immediate post op period. He would need someone there at least for the first week. Have you got a friend or relative you could invite to stay with you for a while? Chances are, everything would be fine, but you just need to make sure he's drinking plenty of water and he may need pain meds administered. Otherwise, maybe there's a professional service you could hire for a week - there are house sitters for dogs, so maybe you could pay someone to come in and stay with Monty while you're out.

Is Monty's leg actually bothering him right now? Is it painful? If not, maybe you could wait to have the op until things calm down at work and you could take a week's holiday to care for him.

I do hope you find a solution as it sounds like you're already a bit in love with the pooch!

Re: Labradoodle rehoming

Posted: 31 Jan 2014, 11:59
by gilly g

Iit's lovely that you have rescued Monty!

I live Nottingham side of Derby and a local dog walker sometimes joins us for our one of our walks. I can try to find her phone number if you wish, so that you can find out if she covers your area and check her out (Where are you? if I see her I will ask for you!)

An East Midlands doodle meet has been arranged for Sunday 16 Feb 11.00am at Elvaston Castle, if you want to join us.

Sorry link didn't work.. look up Labradoodle M.E.S.S

Re: Labradoodle rehoming

Posted: 31 Jan 2014, 16:59
by Monty25
Thank you again for your replies. It really helps knowing what I need to look for in a dog walker. It's good to hear that the dogs love the dog walkers too!

Gilly G that would be very much appreciated if you could provide me with the dog walking lady's number, thank you.

Mandy G unfortunately Monty needs his operation soon, his limping is getting worse and the pad on his paw is starting to bleed after short walks. The paw on his front right leg actually points 90 degrees away from his body, poor boy. I have booked him in for next Thursday so please keep your fingers and paws crossed for him that all goes well, he really does deserve some good luck bless him.

The walk at Elvaston sounds really good but I think it'll be too soon after Monty's operation, I do hope that we can join the next event!

Re: Labradoodle rehoming

Posted: 31 Jan 2014, 17:11
by Bid
Good lucky Monty! I hope the op goes well for you :D :D

Most dog walkers will do pop-in visits if needed. I know I would be happy to pop in and check on a post-op dog, and help him into the garden for toileting if need be. I did one this morning as a matter of fact - an elderly dog who needed help getting into the garden and back, and then I sat with her a few moments for a chat and a couple of biscuits in her bed.

Re: Labradoodle rehoming

Posted: 31 Jan 2014, 19:09
by Benben
What a lovely story, and how lucky Monty is to have found you. I have a strong hunch that you'll be thinking the same soon too!

I have only just started on my doodle owning journey, but I have already established a good network of friends and neighbours who will pop in if I need to be out for more than a couple of hours. In fact, I probably wouldn't have embarked on puppy-ownership at all had I not spent many happy hours walking my neighbour's lovely Labrador. I realised that a well trained dog would after all fit in with my work (I run a B&B) as long as I had a bit of support, and the offers were many and have absolutely been honoured.

So I would ask among my neighbours and see if there isn't someone who would really enjoy having Monty for a couple of hours every day - my guess is that you'll be surprised! Someone who used to have a dog but isn't able to any more, for instance.

There's also a website called Borrowmydoggie who will put you in touch with people in your area who might enjoy spending time with your lovely fella. Good luck to both of you!