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 Post subject: Our Gorgeous Labradoodle Needs An Amazing Home. 3 Years Old
PostPosted: 17 May 2015, 13:20 

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This is one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. Anyone considering applying must show a genuine interest, BUT, they must have an understanding as to the reasons why we need to find him a new home. His needs are the most important thing, but also anyone considering him must understand that owning a dog is a major financial commitment. We feel utterly dreadful about having to do this. We have thought and thought about it, and put it off, because we have felt so guilty. It goes against everything we have ever said. But we now realise that it is the best thing for him.

We bought our labradoodle not just as as a family pet, but also as a PAT dog for our youngest son who is autistic. Many many people had told us that Labradoodles make amazing PAT dogs as they firstly are meant to be hypo alergenic, and secondly as they have a very understanding nature. He is a creamy colour but has a golden colour running through. Our previous dogs had been Newfies and a Rottweiler over approx 20 years. All of them being rescue dogs and our Rottie living until he was 13 1/2.

He has had anxiety issues since we brought him home when he was 9 weeks, but everyone just seemed to think it was a puppy thing. He was toilet trained very easily, and seemed to have a quick understanding of many things. But, trying to train him in walking was very difficult. He pulls terribly on a lead, and various different types of harness's etc have been purchased and tried. And then we found a dog trainer and she considered him to be very odd.

But due to his anxiety issues, it means that we are struggling with him as well as looking after our son. He really needs to be in a home where someone can spend 100% of their time with him, and due to the nature of our sons disability we feel so guilty we are not able to give him the attention he is needing. He is one of the most gorgeous natured dogs, but stresses so easily, even a window slamming frightens him so badly. He is very poodle like as his mother was a pedigree poodle and his father a big labradoodle.

We then had him castrated on the recommendation of a dog trainer and the vet, hoping this would settle him a little, but it hasn't, He is very very odd, he acts more like a human than a dog. He is very nervous when being walked. He can't be let of a lead as he runs, which is why we always take him to our local forest as there is never anyone is sight, so he has no distractions, as distractions do seem to cause him problems, and he gets miles and miles of running. He is used to other dogs that our grown up family has, and they spend a lot of time together. Including our son who has a massive rotweiller! He also likes cats.

I am not sure about young children as he has never been around them, although is exceptionally soft and would probably be fine. We only have one child now left under 18, the others are now adults and all apart from one, live in their own homes with their own partners, pets etc.

He isn't a barky dog, tends to only bark when he hears other dogs. He isn't a destructive dog, although he does love ripping teddy bears apart. But that is probably my fault as I bought him soft teddy type toys when he was a puppy and he pulled them all apart.

He is a fussy eater. We have had many problems trying to find him food that he will actually eat since he was a puppy. He doesn't really like dried food, but will eat Omega rings. But he loves tinned food with gravy, especially the co-ops own.

We absolutely adore him, but I think he finds the home just to stressful. He is vaccinated and chipped. vaccinations are until July. He is currently insured through John Lewis Pet Insurance. He is normally groomed 3 times a year, as we find his grooming is easier when his coat is short. He's not a fan of being brushed.

He must must go to someone who wants to love him, and give him the home that is possibly more peaceful than ours. He's also scared of cars, he shakes the minute he knows when he is going in it. It has nearly always been this way. And we have always had a dog guard as he will just jump around the car otherwise.

It will be devastating to see him go. But what we are scared of is that the type of home environment we have is having an adverse effect on his issues.

He needs someone who has a huge amount of love, someone with patience, and someone who can give him a huge amount of time. But more-so, someone who can give him the understanding that he needs!

 Post subject: Re: Our Gorgeous Labradoodle Needs An Amazing Home. 3 Years
PostPosted: 17 May 2015, 14:09 

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Have referred this lady to the Trust.


 Post subject: Re: Our Gorgeous Labradoodle Needs An Amazing Home. 3 Years
PostPosted: 17 May 2015, 20:35 

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Thanks linny, that was my first thought too.
faltskog, this must be a really difficult decision for you to make, and I just want to reassure you that the Doodle Trust are absolutely the best people to look after your Doodle.
Wishing you and your family the very best in the future -
Anne, Ianto & Wyre xx

 Post subject: Re: Our Gorgeous Labradoodle Needs An Amazing Home. 3 Years
PostPosted: 18 May 2015, 18:50 

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Please be assured that the doodle trust is a wonderful caring charity, all the dogs who come to us from, whatever circumstances, nobody is ever judged for having to rehome a much loved pet as we know circumstances can change and can be unavoidable, we also know how heart breaking it can be for a family. We work very hard to make sure that any future home is totally vetted and that the dogs bests interest comes first. I am one of the volunteers so I know how much time and effort we all put in to help the family and the dog and to make things as easy as possible for all concerned, from the first initial contact with the trust right through to transporting a dog to a fosterers home then looking for the right family, and that means having the family and future homes checked. This must be a very emotional and distressing time for you and I can only send you my best wishes and hope you can find the best solutions or your situation.

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