9 month old curly/fleece coated doodle needs a new home.

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Post by GUNNER » 08 Oct 2006, 18:54

Oh Katy
that is so sad as well as lovely, congrats on your beautiful boy.
piccies soon :D

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Post by Katy789 » 08 Oct 2006, 19:07

Thank you very much. He is settling in great, and i hope to put pictures of him on soon.

My Regards


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Post by gailg » 09 Oct 2006, 10:16

HI Katy, CONGRATULATIONS on your new doodle. Yes it must be upsetting seeing the family part with their dog, but I'm sure they must be so glad he has gone to a loving home.I know that would be the most important thing to me if I ever had to give up my doodleCharlie. Best wishes and good luck. :D
Best Wishes,Gail

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Post by Mickiemoodle » 09 Oct 2006, 14:38

Hi Katy

I hope everything has gone well with Scooby.

I was going to call Michaela myself and offer scooby a home but after reading your lovely messages I knew that scoobly would have a friend to play with i thought its best not to call unless they didnt get on.

I know my time will come and really look forward to seeing the pictures of Scooby in his new home.

Lots of love and luck


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