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Posted: 04 Nov 2006, 18:18
by donz
does your OH do that and blame it on the dog?? Scruffy's are much different to his - both bad but different!

Posted: 04 Nov 2006, 18:37
No our dogs do it but we blame the old man anyway. :D :D
Think we need a new post for this one :lol: :lol:

Just to let you know that Sweep has a new home

Posted: 05 Nov 2006, 13:08
by samsan
:D :D Hi all, I am the one who has had Sweep the 9month old to stay on a trial this weekend. We wanted to make sure that he didn't trigger my husband's allergy.....and he passed. He is simply the best and already seems part of the family! Thanks for drawing my attention to the ad. or I would never have known about him Annette!! :D :D :D

Posted: 05 Nov 2006, 13:47
Have pm'd you Sam, that is fantastic news :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Piccy soon please :D :D :D :D

photos of sweep

Posted: 06 Nov 2006, 13:03
by samsan
I think I have uploaded some photos of sweep.

How do you turn this into a link????


Posted: 06 Nov 2006, 13:10
by donz
I use photobucket - they have the links readymade for you on there (they begin with {IMG}


Posted: 06 Nov 2006, 13:10
by samsan
As if by magic a link has appeared!! :lol:

Posted: 06 Nov 2006, 13:56
Sam, Sweep is a beautiful boy his coat looks gorgeous.
Hope he is settling in well, he looks very content in the pics :D :D

Posted: 06 Nov 2006, 15:32
by abloomer
Good to hear sweep is going to a loving home, I know my mum will be pleased.

I will print her one of the pictures.....

She'll get very jealous.

My mum's going to/has (don't talk to her everyday!) call the 9 month old currently on adtrader, she thought £800 was to much, you never know if they see the dog'll go to a loving home.

Posted: 06 Nov 2006, 16:19
Agree with you on that, if i had to find any of my dogs a new home, money isn't important, maybe just a token amount or like carole says a donation.
Good luck in your search, keep us all posted :D

Posted: 09 Nov 2006, 12:19
by Jayned61
Just to let everyone know we have a new arrival a collie x age 5yrs from a rescue home,
So I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my ad.
Jess is doing okay found out she isn't keen of the dark but hope to help her with that, loves ball games & more ball games!


Posted: 09 Nov 2006, 12:22
by yoz1881
Great news Jayne, hope everything goes well for you

Posted: 09 Nov 2006, 14:02
Jayne that is brilliant news, congratulations. :D :D :D