Beautiful F1 Choc Boy Needs New Home

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Beautiful F1 Choc Boy Needs New Home

Post by kimyjane » 09 Nov 2006, 13:11

This is very hard for me to write.

Some of you might have seen me on this forum for the last couple of months, I have a beautiful Choc Boy F1 called Harley who was 18 weeks old Sunday just gone. Pics are under my signature

We originally got Harley because being completely new to dogs and puppies were told Doodles were non allergic, my Husband has a severe allergy to dogs. Up til now he has been fine with Harley since we got him at 8 weeks old. He was from a breeder called Celia at Pinewood Farm, West Malling, Stu&Suz got their cream boy Hudson from the same breeder.

Getting to the point my husband had a severe allergic reaction which lead to him having a really bad (life threatening) asthma attack in early hours of Wednesday morning causing him to be hospitalised, the hospital has since done tests and its seems Harley is the cause.

This leads me to the worse decision of my life we cannot keep Harley.

He is a much loved dog, very affectionate, loves his cuddles, he is good with kids I have two boys 12 and 10. He is toilet trained apart from the odd accident if he doesn't get our attention, he sleeps well at night approx 10.30pm until 7.30am during the week and 8.30am during the weekends. He has had both his puppy injections, he is microchipped and up to date with his worming and flea stuff. He is very good for a puppy, does the usual puppy things but is quick to learn.

Would you or anyone you know be interested in giving him a good home, Not sure as I have never done this before what sort of money if any should be given for him.

We live in Hornchurch in Essex.

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Post by tarquin » 09 Nov 2006, 13:32


Oh how awful for you
What a decision to heartbreaking
Hope your husband is recovering ok

im sure you will find a great home for Harley
Good luck
2 doods r better than 1

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Post by donz » 09 Nov 2006, 13:39

oh Kimyjane I am in pieces for you here. My choccy F1 boy is 6mths and I know how hard this must be for you. We are also a family of asthmatics but have been fine although a friend of ours that visits appears to be allergic.

Please pass on my regards to your husband as a fellow sufferer. Annette (Gunner, Loup, Buffy & Sydneys mum) is very active in helping rehome doods so she may be able to help here although everyone on this site is great too (come on everyone lets help Kimyjane and Harley here)

If you need any support in the meantime you know where to come i.e. drawing up a list of questions for potential new owners etc. xx

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Post by Bean » 09 Nov 2006, 13:44

Im so sorry, Im in tears here, Ive looked at your pictures of Harley loads of times, he is lovely. Im sure you will find someone to give him a lovely home, its obviously the right thing for you to do but so heartbreaking for you. Am thinking of you and will ask my friends if they may be interested, they already have a choccy lab. hugs to you both. Kate

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Carole g
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Post by Carole g » 09 Nov 2006, 13:48

I am so very sorry about this, Kimyjane. As Ive said, testing for allergic reaction with tiny puppies is unsafe when serious asthmatic conditions are present in the family. Okay it may work out all right but as the puppy grows and the coat changes it is potentially as you say, "life threatening". I trust you you were not sold Harley as non allergenic, if you were, please say, it will warn others and they need warning.
People with serious allergy problems should not be sold F1s
There are so many non shedding breeds, not just poodles, there is no need to go for an unsafe choice and the absolute hearbreak for all concerned.
Give my best wishes to your husband and I hope he gets well soon.
I really feel for you all, if you need a home check done in the South East I am at your disposal.
ALWAYS visit the premises and see mum with pup. There are no excuses!

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Post by donz » 09 Nov 2006, 13:52

I am also South East (Herts) if that helps - I am happy to home check also plus regular visits if required.

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Post by GUNNER » 09 Nov 2006, 13:53

Kimyjane my heart sank as i was reading your post, you must be going thru hell. :cry:
I do hope hubby is well on the road to recovery.
Very kind of Donz, but she is right, we would all see an ad and make it known.
DaveC was looking for a choccy pup and he sounds really nice, he may be worth sending a pm to.
Thinking of you and will keep eyes peeled.

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Post by Sharon » 09 Nov 2006, 14:00

Very best wishes to your husband for a speedy recovery.
I am sure a great new home will be found for your puppy through this site.

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Post by susiegill » 09 Nov 2006, 14:00


Oh I am so sorry Kimyjane, this must be awful for you. Having had to rehome a dog of mine in the past, I know exactly how you feel.

Hope hubby is doing OK, and I think you have come to the right place for rehoming Harley, I'm sure someone out there will give him a lovely loving home.
Susan, Rosie & Molly

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Post by gailg » 09 Nov 2006, 14:04

I am totally gutted for you.
What an absolute nightmare to find yourself in.
Please understand that the best thing you can do for him is to find him a permanent loving home and by doing that you ARE caring for him dearly.
With people like donz willing to help you stand every chance of this and I wish you every success.
I am in two minds about the money aspect because If it were me I would want the right home for him and not the money.
On the other hand If I were able to take him I would be more than willing to give you back what you paid for him , so its a difficult call to make.
Please let us know what happens and good luck :wink:
Best Wishes,Gail

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Post by kimyjane » 09 Nov 2006, 14:22

Thanks everyone for your comments as you can imagine we are all devastated by this and are still hoping for a miracle drug to be found so we can keep him, but after talking to the docs this isn't looking very likely.

Celia our breeder did not sell Harley to us claiming he was completely non-allergic but did sort of say that if hubbie had no reaction to him as pup he would be fine, we were unaware that the change in his coat from puppy to adult could make a difference in the allergy status.

Unfortunately a painful lesson to learn.

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Post by Barb » 09 Nov 2006, 14:25

Have you contacted his breeder? She may have someone suitable on her books.

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Post by kimyjane » 09 Nov 2006, 14:27

No to be honest no thinking straight at the mo, just off to hospital to see hubbie, thanks for advice will give her a call later.

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Post by yoz1881 » 09 Nov 2006, 15:02

I cannot imagine how devastated you feel, all I can do is echo what everyone else has said, and wish you all the very best.
Chin up hun

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Post by misskatie » 09 Nov 2006, 15:04

I have just read your post and have tears streaming down my face :cry: - you poor, poor thing.I feel for you and your family so much - the children must be devastated. Harley is such a beautiful dog - I got in touch with you about his breeders recently because I fell in love with him. If the timing was different, I would talk to you about giving him a home, but unfortunately it just isn't possible at the moment. No one can say anything to make you feel any better , but he is a gorgeous dog and he will go to a lovely home where he will be absolutely adored - who couldn't help but fall in love with him? He is young enough to settle elsewhere, so he will be fine - it's just so terribly awful for you. I know we don't know each other , but I really am thinking of you . Katie x

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