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Posted: 09 Nov 2006, 15:05
by jane1
Oh KimmyJane you poor family! To be so worried for your hubbys health then to be so relieved he is going to be ok only to then have the heart wrenching situation of having to rehome your dog. I will keep my fingers crossed that you find a good home for him and maybe you will be able to see him if he moves local.
Take care :(

Posted: 09 Nov 2006, 15:39
by PennyAli

I am so sorry to hear about your problem, I live in Essex, just 20 mins from you, I would be happy to look after your little boy for you until you find him a home, if that may help you, and then you can wait until the right person comes along.



Posted: 09 Nov 2006, 16:27
by gailg
Lisa , I have to say that is a lovely , lovely thing to offer these people at this time because as the lady says she is not thinking straight at the moment and it might just let her catch her breath then look for the loving home the dog needs.
I absolutely think you are fab for offering this time out for her :D

Posted: 09 Nov 2006, 16:42
by abloomer
I have sent Kimyjane a pm, I think this could be just the type of dog my mum's looking for! ( I have been posting on the last message in this forum) hopefully they can help her out,

From the pictures he is a gorgeous dog!

Posted: 09 Nov 2006, 18:03
by PennyAli
Thanks Gail, I'm sure any one living near would have offered the same, I just thinking about what Kimyjane must be going through, not only has she got to give up her dog but her husband is really ill, I only live 20 mins away max (and thats with me getting lost I'm sure it could be done in about 10 mins) I could take him straight away, until she finds some one really nice, and that way she would not be pressured by the fact that it is affecting her husbands health, and I would be only to happy to help out.

Posted: 09 Nov 2006, 18:31
by Sharon
PennyAli wrote:Hi,

I am so sorry to hear about your problem, I live in Essex, just 20 mins from you, I would be happy to look after your little boy for you until you find him a home, if that may help you, and then you can wait until the right person comes along.


Lisa that really is a kind offer and as a former nurse I really think it would be the best thing in this situation ...
It would be dreadful for this lady's hubby to come out of hospital fit and well again, only to suffer another reaction to the dog.

Posted: 09 Nov 2006, 19:36
by graciedoodle
oh i am so sorry to hear of your terrible situation kim.i hope the breeder of your lovely pup will help you out here.i always take any pup i breed back at any point in their life as all good breeders should.there is a product called petal cleanse that you wipe on your dog to reduce allergic reactions but i havnt actually used it myself so cant say for sure it would help.if you need a home check anywhere near me i would be happy to help.i could also look after harley until you find him a home if you could get him down here. :( take care,my thoughts are with you and your family.


Posted: 10 Nov 2006, 11:45
by Sarah Hunter-Rodwell
Hi Kim

I am so sorry to hear about your problem with Harley - It make me so cross that breeders don't tell potential purchasers that an F1 pup CANNOT be regarded as non shedding and low risk for allergy sufferers - and it is so dreadful that you and Harley have to go through this nightmare - My heart goes out to you and your family.

I have sent you a PM - like PennyAli I am more than happy to help you out and offer Harley a home, either long term or until I can find a suitable family for him, which of course I would very carefully vet. I think to have to deal with this along with everything else that you are coping with at the moment is too much.

Our dogs and animals are our life, and he would be in his element with others to play with in a very safe country home in Dorset. If I can help in any way do please get in touch.

Very best wishes

Posted: 10 Nov 2006, 12:59
by kimyjane
Hi thank you all for your comments, support and offer of help to take Harley.

Hubbie is doing much better and all going to plan should be home later today.

I had an offer of taking Harley which I had decided on, but on talking to my sons my 10 year old became very distraught and I was up with him all night, crying (to be honest he has made himself ill today because of it) I rang my dad for advice and he suggested he take Harley, he lives locally, the boys could still see him every day, so I decided that maybe that was for the best, my only problem is my dad has never had dogs before so we have decided to give it a go for a couple of weeks, if for some unfortunate reason it doesn't work I will contact those people who offered Harley a home and see if they are still interested in taking him.

I am being pulled in many different directions and I am trying to please everyone, which as you can understand is not easy, I will keep you updated on the situation.

Thanks again, you are a really nice bunch of people who are very caring, and you have never even met me.

Posted: 10 Nov 2006, 13:02
by donz
oh your poor boy, I can imagine mine would be the same if we were in the same situ.

Lets all keep everything crossed that your dad and Harley are good together :)

Posted: 10 Nov 2006, 13:06
by Mandy
Thanks for your kind words to me regarding Pepe. I am so sorry that you have found yourselves in this dreadful situation. Hopefully, your dad and Harley will do well together. Am thinking of you.


Posted: 10 Nov 2006, 13:45
I really hope that it all works out for you.Good Luck :)

Posted: 10 Nov 2006, 13:48
by PennyAli
I really hope it works for your dad, and that way your boys will always see him,

Posted: 10 Nov 2006, 14:14
by Sarah Hunter-Rodwell
That's brilliant news and I do so hope it works out for you and the boys will still be able to see Harley. As I said, if there is anything I can do please get in touch.

Very best wishes from all the Didlington Doodles!

Posted: 10 Nov 2006, 14:35
by abloomer

Thanks for your pm, my parents also sent you a long email this morning.
I have spoken to them and they are very please you have found a solution.

I hope all goes well for the future.

My parents search for a 6-24 month (ish) Doodle continues........anyone with any information please don't hesitate to contact me