Beautiful F1 Choc Boy Needs New Home

Please use this section for listing details of any dogs that need rehoming. This area is not for posting details of litters/puppies - any such adverts will be removed.
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Post by eliritch » 22 Nov 2006, 13:17

Sorry about Harley - but it sounds like he's gone to a lovely home - it's a shame for the children but I'm so glad your husband is on the mend and hopefully things will come round in the end.

I agree F1's should never be sold as allergy free and no shedding - I advertised our litter as F1's low shedding/ possibly no shed but never mentioned allergy free as anyone can be allergic to anything really.

I had people come over and spend time with the pups before making a decision and in general no one took one there and then. Having said that one did go like that - I got let down by a buyer and actually I've made a great friend of the lady who bought Monty and he's thriving. Because we were honest and up front not one of the pups has had problems or come back.

Honesty is the best policy but some people will do anything to sell a puppy as I've heard from numerous purchasers and potential purchasers - people tend to not want to wait for a litter and go and buy willy nilly and I've had two really heart wrenching stories in the last month of poorly puppies - one of which we have hopefully re-homed - even though it wasn't our problem to sort :? Still just glad to be involved - currently trying to help out a 10 year old lab Tammy - who is overweight and owned by two disabled people who are moving and unable to take her with them - I think she's in need of people who can exercise her and give her a solid home - although she's knocking on and at an age where she could cost money.

Hopefully she'll find a really good home - I'm softening up my other half at the moment with a view to keeping her ourselves!!!!! :wink:

Take care and All the best for the future for the family and Harley

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