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help please

Posted: 01 Dec 2006, 00:35
by Larlie
Hi all
I have been talking to someone tonight who has fallen in love with a doodle in their village. it was bought from Kimberlenes to which i cringed as i am aware of how much is charged!!!! I advised her that there are breeders out there who charge much less and have just as beautiful puppies. This person said that she would probably be interested in a snmaller doodle, i felt that i had seen somewhere of a Lincolnshire breeder of miniature doodles, can anyone help so that i can point this lady in the right direction please????

small doodles

Posted: 01 Dec 2006, 19:33
by jelly
Hi sorry cant help i know of a lady in bedforshire who breeds them but not heard of any in lincolnshire

Posted: 02 Dec 2006, 20:38
by donz
and there is Lisa in Essex who will start next year.

I am also looking for a mini dood to join Scruffy Dog but I also want the wool/fleece coat - this is proving quite a challenge to find a reputable breeder!!