How to pass the time whilst wrapping gifts...

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claire fifi
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How to pass the time whilst wrapping gifts...

Post by claire fifi » 21 Dec 2006, 18:16

Today I have mostly been - watching annoying cartoons, pausing from the sellotape fights to eat a mince pie, sighing a lot and promising myself a large glass of wine when I have finished. :twisted:

Makes your back ache too :roll:

I have also been making a mental list of all the pre-puppy clearing up that I need to do! :?
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deb Beasor
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Post by deb Beasor » 21 Dec 2006, 19:27


Trying to wrap up pressies with a doodle licking the paper as you wrap, great fun !!!

Unfortunately I dont need much of an excuse to have a large glass of wine.

so cheers !!!


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