Dinner is going to be late

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Dinner is going to be late

Post by Fiona » 25 Dec 2006, 14:53

You know what its like christmas morning. walk dogs at 7am, back peel spuds and sprouts, make pigs in blankets etc etc.
so why did the oven not get turned on?. well it did but but did not notice tep was on low.
never mind had a great time kids and dogs opening things, wrapping paper everwhere.
Ellie ,Fern and Sydney hopeing a would drop the turkey on the floor ever hopefull)
Cheers everyone , I think I will get the blow torch out?.

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Post by LouBeale » 25 Dec 2006, 21:27

Lol it's the first year I've managed to undercook the Turkey, it was just right, although I did have to put it back in the oven for mum to take home for tomorrow because she thought the underside needed a wee bit longer. We had a massive 16lb bird plus stuffing for only 5 of us including my 2 small kids who eat like sparrows, so we managed to eat about a quarter of the bird! The left overs go to our big family party tomorrow (so I hope I don't give them all food poisoning) :twisted:

Hubby put all the scraps over the back garden fence for our poor local fox who looked really hungy when we saw him in the garden earlier - hope he has a very merry christmas too, poor boy! Can't give em to the doods coz it's too rich and gives them the s***'s. Teddy was so funny this morning with his stocking, didn't know what to do with the curly treats until Truffle tried to nick it off him! :lol:

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