Bye bye Kevin

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Doodle Dee
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Bye bye Kevin

Post by Doodle Dee » 26 Mar 2013, 12:42

Unfortunately I have just come back from the vet where I was advised to put my 20 year old cat kevin Costner to sleep. He was a fitting cat but had one so bad I took him to the vet and he is so wasted and his back legs were purely bone, that Grant the best vet ever, said it was time to say goodbye.

Very sad, Kevin Costner was my daughter's cat "I want him mummy, I want him" when she was 10 years old and we already had a cat! She now lives in New Zealand!

Just thought I would share - Lulu will miss him :(
Lulu & Dx


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Re: Bye bye Kevin

Post by suzi23173 » 26 Mar 2013, 13:23

Oh! I am so terribly sorry. Hugs and doodle kisses from me and Tess. Xxx
Suzi and Tess.

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Re: Bye bye Kevin

Post by ClareV » 26 Mar 2013, 13:36

He had a good long life. Does not make it any easier to say goodbye to them.

Big hug to Lulu (((!)))

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The Turners
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Re: Bye bye Kevin

Post by The Turners » 26 Mar 2013, 13:47

I'm so sorry for your loss. :(
Sleep tight Kevin Costner.
Nicky Chris & Wurly
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Re: Bye bye Kevin

Post by mistydog » 26 Mar 2013, 13:49

It's so sad but a good life and a good end. We have a big responsibility to the animals we love. Remember the good times. x

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Re: Bye bye Kevin

Post by doodleted » 26 Mar 2013, 14:29

Oh how sad.
At least you can take comfort in the fact that you gave him a lovely life
Take care
Ted doodle.

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Re: Bye bye Kevin

Post by Bid » 26 Mar 2013, 14:37

I'm so sorry :( Sleep tight Kevin.
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Re: Bye bye Kevin

Post by MandyG » 26 Mar 2013, 17:37

20 is a really good age for a cat, and if he was unhappy well, it's for the best. Doesn't make it any easier though. My two cats, Mac and Annie, send love, licks and purrs.

Love and licks, Phoebe and Mandy

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Re: Bye bye Kevin

Post by briansangel » 26 Mar 2013, 18:10

Its very sad when a pet has to be put tp sleep ive had my fair share of heartbreak.. Kevin was a happy cat and im sure hes now running around playing with all the other lost pets... Huge Hug xxx

pixie's mum
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Re: Bye bye Kevin

Post by pixie's mum » 26 Mar 2013, 18:17

what a great age for a much loved pet to live too - sleep tight Kevin

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Re: Bye bye Kevin

Post by Salsis » 26 Mar 2013, 18:39

Sorry for your loss. What a lovely life he has had.
Daisy Doodle & Sal


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Re: Bye bye Kevin

Post by dexter14 » 26 Mar 2013, 19:41

R.I.P kevin.

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Re: Bye bye Kevin

Post by jackieholmes19 » 26 Mar 2013, 20:01

It's hard losing a pet, whatever their age. Sleep well Kevin xx
Jackie & Bella



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Re: Bye bye Kevin

Post by hockborn » 26 Mar 2013, 20:20

My sister just lost her beloved Jack Russell after 15 years together but she hasjust had a stroke and I am going to see her. She has two yorkies who are helping her through this difficult time. RIP Kevin. xxx

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Re: Bye bye Kevin

Post by suebedo » 26 Mar 2013, 20:57

Our little (or not so little) furry friends come into our life, steal our hearts and give us so much pleasure and fun it just doesn't seem fair that their lives are just not long enough. Hugs and doodle licks from me and Fozzie and little comfort purrs from Felix, Hamish, Archie, Hugo and Rosie. xx

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