Here's Crumpet!

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Re: Here's Crumpet!

Post by stevied » 21 Feb 2014, 15:19

What a beauty. Mine is arriving on Sunday. I notice he is wearing a collar. I went to get one today but I was completely overwhelmed by the choice. Any suggestions? The girl in the shop said for me to bring my dog in for a fitting/

Crumpet's Mum
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Re: Here's Crumpet!

Post by Crumpet's Mum » 21 Feb 2014, 20:53

I was the same as you and completely overwhelmed. I spoke to quite a few people including my Mum who has two huge doodles in Sydney and she said the most important thing is one that isn't too heavy around the puppy's neck so Crumpet's collar is very light.

I went for leather so he could have a matching lead (and he chews his lead - this has improved but he really didn't like it at first and attacked it!a and anything else he could've easily chewed through) and so that I could get more holes punched.

I got the second smallest size. Crumpy is a miniature but not small compared to real small dog puppies. I did have to get two extra holes punched in it though - emergency trip to timpsons he day I got him!

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Re: Here's Crumpet!

Post by Ianto! » 21 Feb 2014, 21:32

After my experience with Ianto, I would advise a plastic 'clip' collar rather than a buckle - when you have to try to attach a collar to a wriggly puppy in the wee small hours it is much easier... I'd go for a leather buckle collar when they're through that stage... :D
Anne & Ianto x

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Re: Here's Crumpet!

Post by Maisy12 » 22 Feb 2014, 00:13

Awww Crumpet is gorgeous!!!
Claire & Maisy

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