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Why can't we cope

Posted: 02 Jul 2007, 09:11
by alliedoodle

Jeez it has taken me nearly an hour to drive into work :x

All our roads are flooded and I mean flooded Water will come upto your car door sills when driving through it.

People were driving on the pavements to avoid the water and for a normal 10 minute journey it took me nearly an hour and saw five accidnets on the way.

Why does Britain come to a complete stand still we are useless.

Posted: 02 Jul 2007, 17:09
by hodgey
:( where abouts are you....we have a fair amount of rain here, but not as much as the north.....

Posted: 04 Jul 2007, 01:56
by DizzyDora
:lol: Here on the edge of Leicestershire we have had quite a bit of rain and although our "normal" flood plains are flooded, thankfully we have not had any where near as much rain or the devastation that those poor souls in the north are suffering.
We do now have lots of local shows & rally’s having to cancel as the show fields are flooded and I was just wondering how things are down in the Porlock / Exmoor area. I thought I had read that the South West was suffering also but I haven’t seen anything on TV? Have I missed it or just made it up? I know it's a few weeks to go yet but I cannot help wondering if I need to bring a boat instead of a tent with me? :lol:
:oops: Sorry if I sound selfish but I am really looking forward to meeting all the doodles at Porlock and my camping holiday. :oops: