golden oldies

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golden oldies

Post by aitch » 28 Sep 2007, 21:54

ok we've done toys and tv programmes what about the first record you ever bought....?????

mine was: Love grows where my Rosemary goes by Edison Lighthouse. I was very young. :oops:
It was Recently used in the film Shallow Hal.
Does anyone remember it ????
Helen x

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Re: golden oldies

Post by weecheekymonkey » 28 Sep 2007, 22:13

Hi, :D

Sorry Aitch don't remember that one? lol :lol: :lol:

My first record I bought with vouchers I got on my 14th birthday for John Menzies (don't know if you remember that shop?) well the record I bought was Nena - '99 Red balloons'

I love that song still have the very scratched record I think. My first album was Rick Ashley....ahem :shock:

Joanne xx

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Re: golden oldies

Post by tarquin » 28 Sep 2007, 22:23

:) :)

Donna summer...................I feel love
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Re: golden oldies

Post by yoz1881 » 28 Sep 2007, 22:25

January by Pilot :shock: :oops:

I loved 99 Red Balloons, got it on my PC somewhere :lol:
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Re: golden oldies

Post by kATE » 28 Sep 2007, 22:31

My first album was Rick Ashley....ahem
My Oh went to school with Rick Astley , his parents used to own the local garden centre !

The first record I bought was Whitney housten "wanna dance with somebody" and my big brother saved up all his paper round money to buy me the album for my 7th birthday ! :D

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Re: golden oldies

Post by Emma » 28 Sep 2007, 22:49

Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep - dont know who by tho,
Tears on my pillow - Johnny Nash
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Re: golden oldies

Post by shelly » 28 Sep 2007, 23:03

mine was 'paper roses' by marie osmund....ugh :!:

Shelly X

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Re: golden oldies

Post by susiegill » 28 Sep 2007, 23:13

My first was Puppy Love, by brother Donny!
Susan, Rosie & Molly

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Re: golden oldies

Post by Holly » 28 Sep 2007, 23:17

I hardly dare tell you It's that long ago :shock:
Bachelor Boy Cliff Richard :oops: :lol:
I have to say I soon changed allegiance to The Kinks, The Beach Boys and the Stones :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Judy Shelton
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Re: golden oldies

Post by Judy Shelton » 29 Sep 2007, 04:54

The first by the "proper" artiste was The Beatles "She Loves You" :roll: Before that it was the "embassy" covers you could buy in Woolworths. Seem to remeber "Lonely Pup in a Christmas Shop".
I'll just go and collect my pension :lol: :lol: :lol:


Nic and Marley
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Re: golden oldies

Post by Nic and Marley » 29 Sep 2007, 07:22

'Blame it in the Pony Express', don't know who by. Oh and I used to play 'Tears on my pillow' over and over (how very sad !!!!)

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Carole Swann
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Re: golden oldies

Post by Carole Swann » 29 Sep 2007, 07:48

The Reflex by Duran Duran.......... :oops: :oops: How embarrasing.

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Ali Cat
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Re: golden oldies

Post by Ali Cat » 29 Sep 2007, 08:04

Little arrows by Leapy Lee!!

This thread is sorting the yongsters from the real golden oldies!! ... t/Eric.jpg


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Re: golden oldies

Post by Bid » 29 Sep 2007, 08:30

Take me Home Country Roads - John Denver :oops: :oops: :oops:
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Re: golden oldies

Post by nikkinodles » 29 Sep 2007, 09:16

tainted love soft cell still could play it over and over
but all time greaest American pie Don Maclean
nikki and noodles

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