For remembering our beloved friends who await us at the Rainbow Bridge
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Re: Barney

Post by Leah » 10 May 2010, 18:56

So very sorry to hear your sad news.
I still remember the lovely photos of his birthday - he obviously had a wonderful life with you and you will cherish the memories of your time spent together.
Love Leah and Monty x

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Re: Barney

Post by amber » 10 May 2010, 19:00

Sorry to hear the sad news Bid
Barney was and still is a gentleman.
R.I.P. Have loads of fun at the bridge Barneyx.

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Re: Barney

Post by Nicky » 10 May 2010, 19:11

sorry to hear of your loss :cry:

The only words of comfort I can think to give is, Barney was very lucky to have 12 good years with a wonderful family, and unfortunately this is the worse part of owning a dog letting them gox

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Re: Barney

Post by linny » 10 May 2010, 19:13

No words to add Bid, except I feel your pain and I'm thinking of you.
Such a lucky Barney to have had the best of everything and such a loving home.
Run free old chap :cry: :cry:

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Re: Barney

Post by Mica1971 » 10 May 2010, 19:25

Oh Bid, that's really sad. Take peace knowing that he had a wonderful life with you.

Run free at the bridge Barney, run free xxx


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Re: Barney

Post by ebug99 » 10 May 2010, 19:28

Oh Bid, I'm so so sorry for you. Lovely Barney - run free at the bridge boy !

Lots of hugs from us all

xxxXX Teddy & Harvey XXxxx

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Re: Barney

Post by KateW » 10 May 2010, 19:30

Dear Barney was an example to all dogs, gentle, loving, with a sense of fun and an appetite for all the good things in life. He was a lucky boy to have been loved all his life, first as a constant companion to your Mum, Bid and then, when she was too ill to look after him, to join you.

I remember him facing the challenge of bringing up a doodle and then finding that his hard work had to be repeated with a second girl....He had so much fun overseeing the girls and I truly believe that his sweet nature will have been passed on to Daisy and Poppy.

You have looked after Barney in the most loving and caring way, Bid and part of that care is knowing when to say goodbye. A gentle end for Barney but hellish for his family; this is a terrible bereavement for you all but tempered by the knowledge that Barney had a happy life and was not allowed to suffer.

I have been thinking of you all this afternoon and hope that you can feel the support and warmth from all your friends here on the forum.

RIP Barney


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Re: Barney

Post by Hel&Mark » 10 May 2010, 19:32

I'm dreadfully sorry to hear that Barney has left for the bridge.
Love to you and everyone who was touched by the lovely chap. He was a lucky dog to be so cherished and well looked after, and I think he would have known that.
RIP, beautiful Barney. xx
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Re: Barney

Post by trinared » 10 May 2010, 19:37

We are all thinking of you at this sad sad time. Love from us all xx
Marley and Duffy

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Re: Barney

Post by taffyjack » 10 May 2010, 19:47

Oh Bid, so sorry to hear that your dear old fella has gone to Rainbow Bridge.
He had a good long life and was so well cared for by you, you'll miss him so much.
Thinking of you.

Love Sue x

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Re: Barney

Post by thepooles » 10 May 2010, 19:55

biggest hugs, hope you can hold onto the lovely memories and they take you through this sad sad time

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Re: Barney

Post by dave.bradley » 10 May 2010, 20:49

so sorry to hear about Barney, treasure the memories you have of him, they will help you through the pain of his loss, Run free at Rainbow Bridge Barney.
Dave & Julie & Teddy !

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Re: Barney

Post by Monty » 10 May 2010, 21:14

So sorry to hear about dear Barney :( It's never an easy decision and our thoughts are with you at this sad time. Hugs to you all xx

RIP Barney and run free lovely boy

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Re: Barney

Post by jags » 10 May 2010, 21:29

RIP Barney,

big hugs bid xxx :cry:

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Re: Barney

Post by watto » 11 May 2010, 05:35

So very sorry to hear that you had to make that hard decision and let Barney go. The recent birthday pics are a testament to the love you showered on him.

Thinking of you,


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