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Smelly Nell

Posted: 22 Jan 2013, 20:30
by Cate
It is a year today I had to have my Nelly pts, she was an 11 stone american bulldog, who the sweetest, gentlest nature. She used to let the cat try and suckle from her when he was a kitten. I can still smell her, she smelt of warm towels. I talk to the biggest star in the sky as that's her. I miss her so much

Re: Smelly Nell

Posted: 22 Jan 2013, 21:09
by pixie's mum
its good to remember our lovely dogs who have gone from our lives - try to smile and think of all the nice times you had together. I lost my girlie bull mastiff a couple of months ago and they leave a 'huge' hole don't they ??

Re: Smelly Nell

Posted: 22 Jan 2013, 22:24
by Maggie111
Oh Cate that is so sad - they never leave us do they? I still cry every time I remember our family dog. I loved your description of Nell, what a sweetheart.

Lots of hugs for you today xx

Re: Smelly Nell

Posted: 26 Jan 2013, 22:05
by karen 49
Cate, so sorry to hear such sad news. A friend at work lost her lovely English Setter 'Darcy' last week. They will be up there running through the fields together.
Thinking of you.
Karen x