Sir Curly preview

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Sir Curly preview

Post by doodle-dee » 28 Jan 2007, 00:57

[img][img] ... G_3302.jpg[/img] hopes this works......... 12 weeks old male father is 1st gen mother is 3rd generation dont know whats that makes curly as what ive read so far conflicts with other stuff ive read but here u all gop feast your eyes on Sir Curly[/img]

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Post by DizzyDora » 28 Jan 2007, 02:31

:lol: doodle-dee Sir Curly is just gorgeous & what a wonderful coat he has :lol:

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Sir Curly

Post by delilah » 28 Jan 2007, 09:21

just popped on before taking Elly out for her walk and saw Sir Curly - he is beautiful. He looks like he is going to be a real character too. Enjoy him!!

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Post by GUNNER » 28 Jan 2007, 11:23

That is one cute pup, gorgeous coat, where is he from he is stunning :?: :D :D

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Post by misskatie » 28 Jan 2007, 12:57

He's beautiful -congratulations!

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Post by Fiona » 28 Jan 2007, 15:22

He would be 2nd Generation. what a lovely looking Dog he is, where did you get him from?
Enjoy the next few weeks he will grow very quickly.
Cotswold Labradoodles

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Post by doodle-dee » 28 Jan 2007, 16:43

We got Sir Curly from a lovely couple Mike & Caroline Tillett in Ormskirk who have a Bitch that is named Brooke, she successfully had 7 pups. Of which 2 were bitches. We are really grateful that they gave us the opportunity with Sir Curly who is turning out to b a real asset to our family and is quickly learning many commands, I recomend to anyone that is either thinking of investing in a labradoodle or have anydog 4 that matter, to read the book The Dog Listener. It is full of really good information and from my experience so far, actually works. I have managed to apply many methods from the book and I'm able to say that they work. Thanks for all the kind words regarding Sir Curly and I will update some more photos very soon. Although early days I hope to very much become part of the Labradoodle trend and have desided to not have Sir Curly neutered as im hoping one day he can become a father lol..... signing out Doodle-Dee

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Post by PennyAli » 28 Jan 2007, 17:34

What a lovely puppy congratulations :D

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Post by gailg » 28 Jan 2007, 18:45

Lovely pup, looks just like my doodle Charlie. Best to get him used to being brushed every day-he'll need it. :)
Best Wishes,Gail

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