Allergies to labradoodles

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Alex horsfall
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Allergies to labradoodles

Post by Alex horsfall » 09 Nov 2011, 18:23

Hi guys,

I wondered if you could help me :?: my mum has recently shown allergy symptoms of itchy eyes to a cocker spaniel and a springer spaniel and we would really like a dog and thinking about a labradoodle.we would like to know how good they are for allergies or is there any breeders in the South of England that would let her come and spend a bit of time with a puppy to see if she has any reaction.

Regards Alex

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Re: Allergies to labradoodles

Post by stout » 09 Nov 2011, 18:37

Hello! I think the low allergy thing is a bit of a myth, we only discovered that from this forum and after we had put a deposit down on a pup! We wanted a dog and Chris has a mild allergy. We met Stouts mum and dad and Chris made a big fuss of both, and was fine with both, stouts parents are both doodles. He is by and large fine with Stout, except when stout is moulting (they do moult) and there is lots of fur around then Chris gets a bit sneezy. Our friends cocker also sets Chris off. Also, bear in mind the pup could have any coat type from lab to poodle and odd mixes of the two.

Chris, Michelle & Stout



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Re: Allergies to labradoodles

Post by Bid » 09 Nov 2011, 18:57

Yep - it is a myth, but some doodles are better than others. It depends what your Mum is allergic to - saliva? Hair? Dander? Also, it is no use looking at a puppy, as their coat changes so she could be fine with a pup and then be allergic when it got it's adult coat. I believe that the Australian labradoodles are more successful with allergies than the UK ones. You could get in touch with CreamofBritish labradoodles - they are on the South Coast (Portsmouth/Southampton way) and have some Aussie doods you could maybe visit, plus a very experienced breeder who will tell you all about the coats .....
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Re: Allergies to labradoodles

Post by Liz! » 09 Nov 2011, 19:26

We have an Aussie doodle and our daughter is very allergic to our cat. But she is fine with the dog. Lola does not shed at all (she did when she lost her pup coat and gained her adult coat, but it didn't drop on the floor, just grew into her puppy coat, so had to be brushed and groomed a lot to get it out). She also has very clear skin with no dander. I sat next to a lady with severe dog allergies at my last hospital appointment, and she said sitting next to a dog makes her eyes blow up and stream, but she had no reaction at all to Lola.

There are downsides - you do need to brush out the fur, and it does get matted, especially if you let them grow long fur, and when they lose their puppy coat it is hard work.

But I keep Lola the length you see below and that does not require much brushing at all.

The other downsides are Aussie doodles are usually neutered at 8 weeks which is contentious, although Lola seems fine. I think the breeder mentioned already does not do this.

The other contentious thing about them is that the original breeders in Australia descend into being puppy farmers. Most Aussie doodles here have some of that heritage in them, but the breeders here who you will read about on this site recommended to you, are good breeders who have checked the health of the parents so that the pups will not inherit any genetic faults.

Our breeder was Davina at Courtlands, which is in Monmouthshire, and we went and spent time with Lola's parents, met them both, and could have taken our allergic daughter along if she hadn't grown up and moved away by then!and Lola is WONDERFUL.
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Sarah Bevan
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Re: Allergies to labradoodles

Post by Sarah Bevan » 09 Nov 2011, 20:00

Jessie is still a pup and has not shed a hair yet, don't know what her adult coat will be like but the breeder thinks she won't shed.
She is an f1b which means her mum is a Labradoodle and her dad is a poodle, I think you have more chance of nonshedding with a back cross - like the Aussie, the coat is higher maintenance if it doesn't shed.
Btw my friend's Labrador sets off my allergies but Jessie doesn't .
We, like you visited a couple of breeders to spend time with some doodles before we took the chance on one.
Good luck
Sarah and Jessie

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Re: Allergies to labradoodles

Post by baskerville1967 » 09 Nov 2011, 21:34

I would agree with the others re nothing is guaranteed as most reputable breeders would tell you. If it is the dander that causes the allergy then an australian (ASD) doodle would be less likely to cause a problem but again there are no guarantees. Teddy is 50/50 (which means she's half aussie and half english) but she is more poodle than lab - some of her siblings were more lab and scruffy. She doesn't shed at all as her coat is very fleecy like a sheep, however as she is only 5.5 months her coat may change. Our breeder Rai from Raisdoodles is very helpful, she breeds ASD's and 50/50's as does her mum Julie at Manornborn ASD, they are based in hereford.

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Re: Allergies to labradoodles

Post by allyjayne » 09 Nov 2011, 21:42

Herbie's an f1b with a very thick nonmoulting fleece coat and one of ours customers who has standard poodles has an astham attack if she cuddles Herb for too long.
I'd visit a couple of poodles and if no reaction stick to a poodle there coats are more consistant.
Doodles are fab and I now would always have one but allergy friendly they're not.
Hope you get sorted

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Re: Allergies to labradoodles

Post by Pippin » 09 Nov 2011, 22:20

Have a look here at the Labradoodle Trust's website, as others have said much depends on what you are allergic to, hair, dander or saliva. It would be heartbreaking to take on a puppy and then find out that you can't keep it due to allergies so definitely worth doing your homework first. All the best! :)

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