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labradoodle breeders

Posted: 12 Aug 2014, 22:44
by lyndydoodle
Hi everyone just joined your group, my wife and I are interested in finding some good labradoodle breeders where we could buy a puppy doodle, We lost our labradoodle boy Zak 3 yrs ago at a lovely old age of 15, and said no more. (it really broke our hearts) last week we bumped into a beautiful 3yr old cream doodle in Hornsea and was talking with the owner for ages and we were hooked again. Ideally we would Like a curly coated dooldle if someone knows anyone who has any litters due or in the near future. We live in West Yorkshire and can travel anywhere within reason, say 100 miles.

Re: labradoodle breeders

Posted: 12 Aug 2014, 23:34
by Ianto!
Hi lyndydoodle,
Welcome to the forum! So sorry to hear that you lost your doodle-boy, but what a great age to reach... not that it makes it any easier to bear.

We live in Derbyshire and belong to the South & West Yorkshire Doodle Meet Group run by Tracey on Facebook - Meets are usually at Pugneys Country Park in Wakefield, first Sunday of the month (although there's a mini one on Sunday 17th Aug). Everyone would be really pleased to see you there and probably lots would be able to recommend local breeders...

We had our medium dood from a home breeder in Cumbria (Caitlin Labradoodles) - his Mum was Nina. I know that Carol's bitch, Tullah, recently had a litter of five cream dogs and up until last week there was one still looking for his new family... I have heard good reports about Tora in Scotland and also Cream of British Labradoodles too.

I found a new puppy after having older rescue dogs quite an eye-opener (okay, it nearly killed me! :roll: ) so you may be interested in checking out the dogs for re-homing at Doodle Trust - they have dogs in foster-homes looking for new families - one of the S&W Yorks Meet members has just adopted a gorgeous cream girly from them.

Good Luck -
Anne & Ianto x

Re: labradoodle breeders

Posted: 13 Aug 2014, 18:32
by lyndydoodle
Hi Anne & Ianto thanks for your lovely welcome, we may very well take up your offer to your doodle meet in Wakefield, not quite sure which sunday though, not able to make Aug 17th. We are looking at all possible contacts for a new puppy doodle and hope one comes along soon. Aready thinking of names.

Re: labradoodle breeders

Posted: 13 Aug 2014, 18:52
by Pauline
I'd always suggest Tora Labrdoodles (where mine were bred) or Cream of British who works with Jackie but lives down on the south coast - & where mine came from.
Debbie breeds Australian doodles which are curly & slightly smaller than the English doodles.

Both are brilliant breeders who know the genetics of their dogs & always health test them.