Help and advice for mini Australian Labradoodles

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Help and advice for mini Australian Labradoodles

Post by JoG » 18 Aug 2015, 07:44

Hi There ,
I have spent the last few weeks trying to do as much research as I can about Mini Labradoodles.
My daughter of 5 and a half is passionate about dogs , as is my husband .I have never had a dog and as the one who will be doing the majority of the care I wanted to make sure we picked the right breed .
The Australian mini seems smaller in size and has more of a guarantee of minimal shedding ?
Temperament wise I would love a dog that would be willing to play games ( retrieve ) and cuddle with my daughter . I am a stay at home mum so can walk daily but would like to know how much walking that would involve ? Also do they bark a lot ? Or get over boisterous . I looked at Cocka poos but they seem to be quite frenetic. Cava poos seem to carry a lot of potential health risks .... So the mini Australian Labradoodle seems to be ticking the boxes . I have sent for a book I saw on Amazon but would be delighted if anyone could hep or advise me ?
I love the ones with the wool coat ..
I was looking at ' Debbie at The cream of British ' breeders as they seem very passionate about their dogs , but would love any recommendations .
Many Thanks

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Re: Help and advice for mini Australian Labradoodles

Post by Ianto! » 18 Aug 2015, 19:14

Hi JoG,

Welcome to the forum! I have two doodles, a UK original and a mini Australian... This is based purely on my own experience, but my mini Aussie is far and away calmer than my UK dood. I would say that you have made a good choice - but you need to be aware that not all doods can be guaranteed not to shed. Although neither of mine cast their coats in the house, they do shed into their own fur and need to be groomed frequently.

I don't know where you are in the country, but we travelled up from Derbyshire to Fife to view, and then again to collect our pup - he is from Lomondhills Labradoodles and is an absolute sweetie, worth every penny and every mile. (And I'm not on a commission!) If you're interested, check them out on their website or on Facebook. He's intelligent, has the best nature and has been very quick to learn.

I would add, that although it may seem like a lot of money to pay for a 'cross-bred' dog, it is worth it to know that all health checks have been made, not only on his parents but earlier generations. We paid less for our first doodle (and love him to bits, in case you were wondering!) but his health issues have, in the end, cost us far more and will continue to mount... something to be aware of with a growing family to provide for.

There are quite a few mini Aussies on the forum, so hopefully they'll be along to tell you about them... This is my little guy -


Good Luck with your search -
Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

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Re: Help and advice for mini Australian Labradoodles

Post by annabell22 » 18 Aug 2015, 22:14

We have small/medium 50% aussie. I can also vouch for their great temperaments. He is so chilled back he's almost rude to us. There's never been amy hyperactivity, jumping or extreme barking. He's very independent and doesn't need constant entertainment. This might be something to consider especially those times that your daughter doesn't or isn't willing to give all her attention to him.
Monty is 10 months now and has only recently found his voice. Noises never used to bother him. Nothing did. Now he occasionally barks if he spots someone walking past our house but that's it.
In terms of shedding I would say he is completely non shedding despite being only 50% aussie. He has a wavy fleece coat and it's easily maintained.
Compared to other pups including uk labradoodles that I have come across during our walks and our training classes I would definitely say there is a difference in the australian labradoodles. He was so quick to learn too. Good luck with your search.

Coco and Annie
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Re: Help and advice for mini Australian Labradoodles

Post by Coco and Annie » 18 Aug 2015, 23:13

Hello JoG

Lovely to hear from a new member. I would echo what Anne has said (I also have a first cross labradoodle, Coco and an Aussie, Yoshi) both are gorgeous dogs but our Aussie does seem calmer, especially round other dogs and people. Coco, who is now 18 months is now starting to calm down and be more reliable., whereas Yoshi, 8 months has always been a little calmer. They are both great dogs though.

We got Yoshi from Tora Labradoodles near Glasgow, who works closely with the Cream of British. Tora is another great breeder, as are the other two in Scotland - Burnbrae and Lomondhills.

Good luck with your search and keep us posted.

Annie, Coco and Yoshi

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Re: Help and advice for mini Australian Labradoodles

Post by Cupcake » 19 Aug 2015, 17:05

Hi, agree with all the above, we got Bentley from toras in Scotland, he is 17 months old & the most amazing dog, no shedding, very clever & such a good boy, we have decided to get Bentley a brother & are going back to Jackie at toras, we get boycie in November ( hope you all like the name ) we are so looking forward to our new arrival.
Good luck with getting you're puppy.
Tracy & Bentley

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Re: Help and advice for mini Australian Labradoodles

Post by Liz!! » 19 Aug 2015, 19:13

Lola came from Courtlands.

She is my assistance dog - as a pup she was very bouncy, and because even Aussie doods can have quite a lot of poodle in (they do back cross to poodle occasionally to keep coats the required type) they can be bouncy, ie. going up on hind legs, and just seen some film of lola as a pup, bouncing straight up off the floor from nowhere was not unheard of! However, on the whole she has be a lot calmer than what I have seen of English crosses.

She does not shed at all. If you brush her, no hair comes out anywhere, just a little from her ears. Less than my hair when brushed. But that means it has to be cut - every 3 months or so.

It will shed once - the puppy coat is shed at 8 months or so, and in an Aussie that can be a terrible time. The coat is thick and the puppy hair gets caught in the emerging adult coat and causes tangles - this can creep up on you and before you know if your pup is one big knot.

We left Lola way too long, it was taking an hour a day to groom her. Then I learned to get her cut quite short, no longer looked so utterly cute and hairy, but still looks cute and can be groomed easily, doesn't get so dirty etc. etc.

Lola was easy to train but like any dog they 'forget' or play up, and training is a lifelong thing - you have to keep them doing what you want with constant reinforcement. You have to be utterly consistent, all members of the family, or the dog gets confused and you will have a less calm dog - like children, a dog that knows what you want from it is happier than one that feels a bit insecure with its boundaries.

All in all lola is amazing, very affectionate, quite happy to lie and sleep on her own or sit on your lap and snuggle. But all dogs are different. You just never know! I recommend very thorough training to get the calmest, most consistent dog.

Bear in mind that wool coats can be almost impossible to comb or brush, and are harder to look after than fleece.

Lola is 14 inches.
Lola is a UK Assistance Dog, trained to alert me for low blood sugar by Medical Detection Dogs (

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Re: Help and advice for mini Australian Labradoodles

Post by Bid » 20 Aug 2015, 21:06

I know Aussies that are quiet and calm, and I know Aussies that are crazy! I reckon the best thing anyone can do is to pick an really experienced breeder, chat to them (they will want to chat a lot to make sure you are suitable to have one of their pups!) and tell them what you are looking for. They will know the temperament of the parents, and they get to know the little characters of their pups, and in my opinion are usually pretty good at matching pups to people. They will also let you know if your expectations are realistic or not. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Debbie at Cream of British - I am sure she will offer good advice regardless of whether she has suitable pups available or not (and she breeds some stunning pups!)
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Re: Help and advice for mini Australian Labradoodles

Post by Ianto! » 20 Aug 2015, 23:57

I've just had a thought - did you know that many of the Aussie's are ESN (early spayed/neutered)? You may need to take this into account when you are deciding whether to have an Aussie, or a UK dood.
Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

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