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Excited - And Nervous!!

Posted: 26 Aug 2015, 08:06
by Lawsyd
Good morning.

Exciting times for us. Having 'lost' our beloved 16 year old mongrel a few weeks ago the house seemed empty - even with a neurotic 14 year old cat :D. As I'm retired & my wife has the sort of job that gives her some time freedom we started looking for a new dog. Visited various local dog rescue centres & almost took one dog off their hands - until it made inappropriate growls & went for (thankfully while on a short lead) a little girl. So that was a no-no. Mrs Lawsyd started looking on-line for puppies & after a number of sellers failed to get back to us (the puppies must have gone) she got a text on Monday afternoon from a seller less than two miles from home to say that she had two labradoodles left from a litter. With Mrs Lawsyd giving me strict instructions of 'Don't fall instantly in love with the puppies; tell the seller we will think about it overnight', etc we set off. What happened next? Why do you think I have joined this forum :)? Within 10 minutes Mrs Lawsyd was saying - very clearly in front of the seller 'I want one!'. Job done - and I'm supposed to be the impulsive one!! Anyway, the deposit is now paid; 'Sooty', as our new pride & joy will be called, is being collected on Thursday afternoon; there is a vets appointment (for the first injection) booked for early Friday morning.

So now we are excited; nervous; proud; worried - basically a whole dictionary of emotions. Wish us luck as we look forward to picking the brains of the more experienced labradoodle owners among you over the coming weeks & months.

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Posted: 26 Aug 2015, 12:36
by annabell22
Congratulations. Sooty, what a lovely name. Im sure we all look forward to seeing some pics of your little fluffy one soon.

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Posted: 26 Aug 2015, 12:45
by Lawsyd
annabell22 wrote:Congratulations. Sooty, what a lovely name. Im sure we all look forward to seeing some pics of your little fluffy one soon.
Thank you annabell. We have been to see Sooty this morning for a few minutes & I can already see the bond developing with my wife. Tomorrow afternoon / evening will be fun - Sooty has not yet met a cat & Jazz (the cat) has enjoyed all the extra attention she has been receiving since Jimmy (the elderly mongrel) died.

Re: Excited - And Nervous!!

Posted: 26 Aug 2015, 18:07
by Coco and Annie
I'm very happy for you both.....but you must tell us more - so we can share your excitement!!!

Doodles are all so different - can you tell us a little about the parents.

Also, just a thought (maybe you are already aware) but it's best to get insurance sorted before the first vet visit to avoid the prexisting conditions trap. Also, the 'life' insurance policies give more peace of mind, albeit more expensive. As I'm sure you know, vet bills are astronomical.

Enjoy the build up!

Annie, Coco and Yoshi

Re: Excited - And Nervous!!

Posted: 26 Aug 2015, 21:23
by Bid
Congratulations! Don't forget to take lots of photos - we love photos on here!

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Posted: 26 Aug 2015, 23:21
by Liz!!

I'm hoping you asked if the parents had had all the relevant health checks (labradors and poodles both carry the same genetic faults thus multiplying the chances of the resulting puppies likelihood of serious and expensive health problems).

If you haven't - I do suggest you ask now.

Re: Excited - And Nervous!!

Posted: 27 Aug 2015, 07:10
by Lawsyd
Coco and Annie - Thanks for the reminder. Within about 15 minutes of seeing your post last night 'the boss' had sorted out whole life insurance.

Liz!! - Another issue we hadn't thought about. We have seen the mother & she seems lively (in a friendly and inquisitive way), but haven't seen the father. When we take Sooty to the vet on Friday we will be having her (Sooty) thoroughly checked over. We trust the vet implicitly - he treated the late Jimmy's last few weeks with honesty and a sort of firm kindness - so if he suggests that Sooty might have any problems we will be back to the seller. The seller is unlikely to be doing a 'runner' as she owns a large (for the area) mixed farm & equine business. Not quite as you suggested but I'm hoping that it will suffice.

Re: Excited - And Nervous!!

Posted: 27 Aug 2015, 07:57
by Doodle Dee
Oh wow. I have had dogs all my life with a growing family and when my major little friend died Alfie an affenpinscher we found ourselves in exactly the same position. I was looking for a job, saw advert for mini labradoidles went to see them, didn't take any money because we were not going to buy one and left with lulu. Lady followed me to cash machine to get the money out. Got to tesco on a Sunday just before they shut to get toys and bowls etc All my knowledge of seeing parents, getting health checks went out the window! Then I panicked cos I didn't check but as hubby said if I couldn't find out about her checks would I take her back. Of course not. From wanting a white curly labradoodle (cos I didn't research first about all the different types of Doods) I got a black scruffy one. Her dad was a white miniature poodle and mum was a choc lab. Go figure. Would I change her. Never. She came with pet plan and I carried on a life time policy. So if there were, heaven forbid, at least I have some sort of cover. I know it is aggravation and heartache if anything happened but she was born so someone would have to deal with it. She actually chose me another story but.......

Did I expect what it was like having a puppy. No I didn't She was a chewer and we are finally redecorating. (She lasted in a crate for four hours). Citronella was good. She loved toilet brushes and bottles of water. More stories. I did everything wrong according to the experts

She has turned out to be the cleverest nuttiest loveliest nor more adjectives left dog Good luck to you. Well done and we look forward to your stories and of course pictures

Re: Excited - And Nervous!!

Posted: 27 Aug 2015, 19:11
by Liz!!
Hello... sadly the health problems are not apparent in a puppy, they emerge over time - problems with blindness and dislocations of hips, elbows etc. Not easy, in fact impossible to sort.

But you never know they might have tested the parents and if they have it might set your mind at rest to know they have.

Re: Excited - And Nervous!!

Posted: 27 Aug 2015, 19:41
by AdamK
Congratulations it is funny but I remember having the exact same conversation with my wife when we went to look.

Exciting but tiring times ahead, but then we are dog novices! We picked our little girl up on Sunday and she has made a real impression on us already, life will certainly be entertaining from now on!

I hope Sooty gets a clean bill of health at the vets, it's always a worrying time until you hear that you have a fit and healthy pup. I look forward to seeing some pictures.

Re: Excited - And Nervous!!

Posted: 27 Aug 2015, 20:10
by Lawsyd
Thanks for all your best wishes & medical suggestions.

Well it's certainly been an interesting six hours or so since we got Sooty home. Occasional 'accidents', but not always missing the toilet pads. An early aptitude for football. A brief sleep in her cage. Meeting the cat (suspicion, but no aggression, from the cat). Meeting a couple of pet-mad neighbours. Yes, it's been an interesting first day for Sooty D.

Re: Excited - And Nervous!!

Posted: 27 Aug 2015, 22:40
by linny
:) Welcome Sooty and family,
You will never regret choosing a Labradoodle,as a cross they are just great :)
Mine have given me and my family so much pleasure...I couldn't imagine not having a Dood about the house now. :)
We look forward to seeing pics of Sooty and hearing about the antics she will no doubt get up to :lol:

Re: Excited - And Nervous!!

Posted: 28 Aug 2015, 12:33
by Lawsyd
Well the first night went quite well (from both the canine & the human point of view) - apart from the cat lashing out, but not catching, Sooty. During the night Sooty slept in a soft & well ventilated carrying box. She was on my side of the bed & each time she cried I was able to reach out & stroke her or talk to her. That was apart from two or three toilet trips. This morning after a heavily supervised play in our back garden it was off to the vet. First injection is now administered & the vet has confirmed that Sooty has two working eyes; two working ears; a fine set of young teeth. :lol: She currently weighs in at 4 kilos & 2 little bits. I've put a photo on Flickr in the Labradoodle group.

Re: Excited - And Nervous!!

Posted: 28 Aug 2015, 16:21
by Doodle Dee
loving your updates