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If you would like to, we invite you to post a short introduction about yourself and your interest in Labradoodles.
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New member!

Post by KatyM » 28 Aug 2015, 21:42


I am new to the forum. I love reading your posts. I do not own a dog yet but I would love one. I have three children (9,5 & 17 months). I am also a childminder. I have done lots of research and I am confident that a labradoodle would be a great dog for our family. I am a little nervous though as I have no experience of owning a dog. I am in a dilemma! I really would like to get a dog asap but feel I should wait until my toddler is old enough to understand the boundaries of dealing with a dog. What are your thoughts?

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Re: New member!

Post by ChrissyD » 29 Aug 2015, 01:57

Our Labradoodle is 6 months old and my children are in their 20's! We should have done this years ago!

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Post by Doodle Dee » 29 Aug 2015, 08:50

I have had dogs since I was 8 years old. One of my dogs was quite old when my kids came along but then when I had a third child she was around 1 when I got a puppy - it was a bichon frees. That was absolutely fine. Then I did have a pup with a couple of my grandchildren but of course they didn't live with me, well not al the time. anyway.

I think you need to remember that pups are like children they need to learn boundaries also. Also unless you are nappy changing your pup remember that toilet changing is not quite the same - in other words if your little one is crawling it could crawl into anything.

That saying it wouldn't put me off having a dog whatever children I had.

I think you really need to think long and hard about it, especially with children who are not yours. Puppies are hard work, you can get easier pups and you can get harder pups, there is no knowing how they will be. Training can be difficult, they can be easy. But nothing is set in stone.

I realise this is of no help to you whatsoever but if you have lots and lots of patience and time it could work :( :lol:
Lulu & Dx


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Post by AdamK » 29 Aug 2015, 08:56

Welcome along Katy.

We are first time dog owners & having always loved dogs and growing up with Grandparents who had King Charles spaniels but the time was never right. My boys are 9 & 7.

Our friend has an F1 labradoodle who has a wonderful temperament & to watch the boys playing with him & the smiles on their faces planted the idea in our mind. I thought a Cockapoo would be a better choice initially but my wife wanted a Labradoodle.

Poppy has been with us almost a week now & she has been amazing with the children. We get the occasional nip but the boys shout out ouch & ignore her, she instantly sulks & hates not having the attention.

The breeder told us that she needs to know her place in the family at the bottom of the pack. Our youngest feeds her & also has been taking the bowl away without any growling. Perhaps someone will be along that has younger children but for us life is so much fun with our new little bundle.

Good luck

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Post by dexysback » 31 Aug 2015, 16:52

I had a dog when I was 4 ,and I also got dexter when my granddaughter was 2 ,she was good and he was with her ,but I was worried of him knocking her over .But watched them both and told him to be gentle and its been fine .I have another granddaughter and she is one and another who is 2 and half she loves him ,he is five now all she does is keep feeding him with treats and she tells him to sit and shake a paw she even brushes him with me watching ,I learn her how to treat him. Its not too bad because dexter was never a jumper and as always been laid back.

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Post by Amber'sAnne » 01 Sep 2015, 14:55

I have a (standard) Labradoodle, Amber, who is nearly 4yrs now (I love saying that as she's the only dog I've known the birthdate of).
I chose this breed because I was fostering when our last dog died and had never heard a word against Labradoodles. With rescue dogs you never know if there's a trigger a child may accidentally touch.
My granddaughter is nearly three. When Isabel was 6months old, my daughter-in-law was looking after child and dog. She found a handful of hair in the baby's fist. Isabel had grabbed and accidentally pulled out Amber's entire eye brow. Amber had given no clue that anything had happened and she's not slow to yelp if a doggy friend nips her.
Amber's temperament is such that we can focus on teaching the child how to behave (bouncing on Amber when she lies down took some preventing because they both enjoyed it) rather than worry about the baby's safety.
I will never forget the day when baby and puppy taught each other to play fetch. Amber worked out that, if she put her ball inside Isabel's legs nothing happened, but if she put it outside her legs, it would be kicked back to her. All I had to do was check that Isabel didn't put the ball in her mouth.
Amber can take herself to her crate and Isabel has been taught to leave her alone if she goes off.
One last thing, when Isabel's dad was 2yrs old he was nipped by his childminder's terrier. We didn't have a dog and the childminder hadn't taught him to stay away from the dog's bed. He's scarred for life.

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Re: New member!

Post by KatyM » 01 Sep 2015, 21:51

Thank you for your reply.

It is lovely to hear about Amber and Isabel's antics. What lovely memories. I look forward to my little ones making memories with our dog (whenever we get one!)

It is sobering to hear of your son being bitten by his childminders dog. I would not forgive myself if something like that happened.

Food for thought, thank you.

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