New mum to "Ginger"

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New mum to "Ginger"

Post by Lablover09 » 29 Aug 2015, 13:37

Hello everyone l am a new member as l have become a new mum to Ginger my geogeous labradoodle, she is 18 months old and l have had her for a week now and wanted to get in touch with other labradoodle owners. Just a quick question she is not eating at the moment and l just wanted to ask what others in my shoes have or would do? Any advice would be gratefully received , she plays and seems happy except for that. Thanks Bev x

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Re: New mum to "Ginger"

Post by Doodle Dee » 29 Aug 2015, 15:17

hi and welcome

pictures are a must :lol:

Was she a rescue?

Is she a direct cross?

I only ask cos my direct cross was very fussy with food for a long time (as poodles are) and then she became a scrounger as are Labradors

Did you change the food when she came to you?

I think we need to know a little more, was it sudden, was she always fussy so on and so forth

There will be plenty of help on here
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Re: New mum to "Ginger"

Post by Lablover09 » 30 Aug 2015, 00:06

The lady that had her before had her and another labradoodle, but also had a cat which the 2 dogs turned into a nervous wreck so she let Ginger go in order for the cat to return to normal she is a full labradoodle 5th generation with papers and everything, she was on raw food when she came to me but turned her nose up at it at my house, she drinks water and will nibble at her food but not eating all.
Apart from that she seems to be a happy and contented little girl l am hoping that it's because she might miss her old home and will adapt to ours as we love her and don't want her to suffer any help on here will be appreciated thanks all x

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Re: New mum to "Ginger"

Post by Pollydoodle » 30 Aug 2015, 00:30

Hi Bev and welcome.
Could be anything really.was she eating when she arrived? Folks say dogs will never starve themselves however jolly hard for us humans to observe this. Delete what i wrote as seen your post.So if on raw, try cheap mince from supermarket (Aldi) or lamb hearts from localbutcher or Tesco when desperate. Otherwise Naturediet in a tray most dogs will eat. One of mine will spit many populsr kibble brands out out since being on raw for long time.
Is she maybe used to eating outside?
Assume she has nothing lodged in her mouth otherwise would be miserable. I doubt she will be appreciating kibble at this stage of the game as she settles in.

If she is new to you I would as matter of course pop her to the vets for a once over anyway on Tues if still not eating.

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Re: New mum to "Ginger"

Post by dexysback » 30 Aug 2015, 14:17

welcome have you tried adding sardines or fish or tuna to her food makes it more tasty, she may just be a bit down from leaving her home.

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Re: New mum to "Ginger"

Post by Liz!! » 31 Aug 2015, 09:42

She may just be not happy with the food you are providing - there are a lot of kibbles out there, including those sold by vets (Science Plan) that are not really meat based. Even Royal Canin.

There is a link on here somewhere to a page that assesses the food you are giving as to its quality.

Top of the tree are things like Eden, Orijen, Applaws, but even better than that is raw food.

I give mine Orijen, two flavours a day, one am, one pm, with different flavours of Nature's Menu with it. So she has two textures and three flavours a day. With little bits of chicken or fish which we have cooked, occasionally sardines.

These are high meat and a bit of veg meals with no grains in. Or anything else that can cause allergies - poodles are prone to allergies and thus labradoodles are.

I wish i could find the link for you but need breakfast, if no-one else finds i I'll do it later!
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Re: New mum to "Ginger"

Post by Lablover09 » 31 Aug 2015, 11:39

Thanks you all for your advice and help, ginger has started to eat and l think she was just abit upset with being in a new home but with lots of love and cuddles she is slower getting use to us. Will include photos just as soon as l learn how lol .thanks again xx

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