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Night time changes

Posted: 15 Feb 2016, 10:43
by Paulalou
Help - again.
Bobby is 10 months old. We have had him since he was 8 weeks. He has slept through the night from approx 10pm since he was 10 weeks old.
This has changed over the last week and I was wondering if anybody could shed some light as to why?
His routines or diet have not changed. He goes into his bed in his cage at 10pm but for 5 out of the last 7 nights he wakes at about 3am. The first night I got up and let him out into the garden. He did go to the toilet and when I put him back to bed he went back to sleep - fair enough.
This has continued most nights until last night. He woke at 4am, I let him out, he went to the toilet, he went back to bed. However, at 5am awake again and crying and barking. I let him into the garden but he came straight back in - no toilet. He would not let me leave and cried every time I tried. I lay on the settee and he fell asleep next to me.
Any ideas why he suddenly needs to get up in the night and why now he needs company? I don't want to get into the habit of me sleeping on a settee.
We ave all been unwell this week with coughs and colds. Could Bobby be unwell? But why to the toilet in the night?

Re: Night time changes

Posted: 15 Feb 2016, 14:03
by Liz!!
He could be cold - waking at about this time and feeling cold, he is seeking you and warmth. Try putting him into a little war coat, or putting a blanket over him as he goes to bed.

Lola wakes in the night if cold and comes and whines next to my face - i pat the bed to let her on (or in!) She is often shivering.

Going to the loo is what he will do if you let him out, automatically, it's unlikely his toilet needs have changed. UNLESS he has a bladder infection or something like that in which case, any temperature or frequency, or not going at all, you should take him to the vet.

Re: Night time changes

Posted: 15 Feb 2016, 14:39
by Paulalou
Thank you Liz,
I will try a blanket tonight. However, Bobby will probably eat it!!!
When I let him out it is his bowel he empties, never his bladder.
What's the verdict on dogs in the bedroom? I have avoided it so far but anything for some sleep.

Re: Night time changes

Posted: 15 Feb 2016, 15:03
by We5Kings
Here's a thought, if he's having a poo when you let him out perhaps his Tum is a bit upset?Or also,at around 10months they start to need less food. If you are getting more poos than you were, this could suggest cutting down on the portions would help. Dude has Canagan kibble 2x a day and I rang them last year, because we were getting a lot more poos than before! They advised me to cut the servings by a small amount. It worked.
As regards dogs in bedrooms Dude has always been in ours. It's a personal thing but it worked for us. I like to be able to hear my dog and be able to respond quickly. Also he sleeps very well and feels safe in his Wolfy Bed in the corner of the room. We have never crated. Anny

Re: Night time changes

Posted: 15 Feb 2016, 18:36
by Liz!!
Yep, too much food will do that, well done that woman, could be your answer!

A coat is easier as it doesn't come off, if you have one.

We have always had Lola in the bedroom as she is my alert assistance dog and so needs to be near me to alert me if my blood sugar is low. But I think we'd have her in the bedroom anyway... she doesn't snore, is as quiet as a mouse, and if it's cold, have to admit I quite like using her as a hot water bottle! Just as long as she knows if I say 'off' she has to go back to her own bed. So only in its own bed for quite a while before breaking the rule is a good idea.

Re: Night time changes

Posted: 16 Feb 2016, 13:24
by Paulalou
Well, only 2 bowls of Eukanuba yesterday and Bobby slept throught the night. However, I did not, as I was waiting for him to bark - mad I know.
let's hope it wasn't a one off.
Thank you